Saturday, July 14, 2012

Illegal Christianity 'Rampant' in Georgia Schools

For months, local media in Macon, Georgia have reported atheist propaganda alleging illegal activities at Houston County Schools such as prayer and "close and troubling relationships" with churches. The media sources fail to present Supreme Court decisions of First Amendment rights of Christians to express their faith at school; rather, the media solely quote atheists and biased liberal legal "experts."

For background, read Prayer in America: Hidden Faith, or Public?

-- From "Critic Says Illegal Prayer is 'Rampant' in Houston Schools" by Bernard O'Donnell, WMAZ-TV13 (Macon, GA) 7/13/12

Last month, the Wisconsin-based Freedom from Religion Foundation filed a complaint with the Houston schools against prayers at its 2012 graduations.

Federal courts have ruled that school-sponsored prayer in public schools violates the First Amendment.

This week, the group wrote a followup letter to William Jerles, the district's lawyer describing what they call "rampant and egregious violations."

They say, in the past month, eight Houston County families came forward, each one describing "multiple violations."

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From "More complaints surface over religion in Houston schools" by Caryn Grant, Macon Telegraph 7/13/12

Freedom From Religion Foundation, a national organization working to protect the separation of church and state . . . [latest] letter points to religious imagery displayed at schools; instances of schools partnering with churches; school alma maters or mottos, summer reading recommendations and academic bowl questions “inculcating students with ideas about Jesus and God;” and prayers at various school events -- some led by school employees.

School spokeswoman Beth McLaughlin said the district’s June statement that it is the system’s “intent to comply with the prevailing law in these matters” still stands.

She added the district has received numerous e-mails and phone calls of support since the initial [FFRF] letter.

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From "Content, context determine if Houston schools violated religion clause in Constitution" by Caryn Grant, Macon Telegraph 6/17/12

The letters from the Freedom From Religion Foundation state it is unlawful for school-sponsored events to include prayer or for public schools to endorse Christianity by way of worship songs at such events.

All six of Houston County’s graduations included student-led prayers referencing God, Christ or the Lord, videos of the ceremonies show.

Monroe County Superintendent Anthony Pack said there was a short student-led prayer during this year’s Mary Persons High School graduation. The district hasn’t heard any community reaction to the prayer, he said.

. . . Bibb County’s district rules specifically address the topic of school prayer and use of religious material. . . . “This policy does not prohibit students from voluntarily praying at any time before, during or after school, as long as it is not disruptive. District employees may not influence the form or content of prayer or other religious activity.”

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