Thursday, November 03, 2011

Romney & Abortion: Liberals Attack From Both Sides

GOP presidential candidate Mitt Romney, documented to espouse every imaginable position on abortion in the past, is being attacked by the liberal media and the Democrat party simultaneously as being too pro-abortion for conservatives, and too anti-abortion for any woman.

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-- From "Democrats Target Romney on Reproductive Rights" by Ashley Parker, New York Times 11/3/11

President Obama’s re-election campaign has been hammering Mitt Romney from many angles in recent weeks. And now Democrats are beginning a new push against him, this time using the issue of reproductive rights in a bid to raise doubts about Mr. Romney among women.

The Democratic offensive is built around Mr. Romney’s statements on a proposed constitutional amendment [of Personhood] in Mississippi, which among other things would effectively make illegal certain types of birth control.

[In response to an Iowa citizen,] Mr. Romney said. “. . . life begins at conception, birth control prevents conception.”

Democrats are planning to use the issue to paint Mr. Romney as opposed to birth control, in an effort to appeal to female voters.

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From "Mitt Romney's 'Ever-Evolving Ideology'" by Ron Fournier, National Journal 11/3/11

Mitt Romney's team will dismiss it as old news, but this Washington Post story on the former Massachusetts governor's "ever-evolving ideology" is a must-read because it underlines his greatest weakness as a presidential candidate.

When Romney, a former Massachusetts governor, became a presidential candidate in 2008, his views on [Culture War] issues had shifted dramatically to the right. Raw politics at work: A moderate record suited Romney's needs in Democratic-leaning Massachusetts and conservative views are a necessity in national GOP primaries.

Romney's only hope of dodging the flip-flopping label is that journalists and their readers decide to give him a pass because his position shifts are old news. But they are not old news: That fact that Romney has an odds-on chance to become president in 2013 makes doubts about his core values more relevant than ever.

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From "As governor, Romney worked to reassure liberals" by Peter Wallsten and Juliet Eilperin, Washington Post 11/2/11

Mitt Romney was firm and direct with the abortion rights advocates sitting in his office nine years ago, assuring the group that if elected Massachusetts governor, he would protect the state’s abortion laws.

Then, as the meeting drew to a close, the businessman offered an intriguing suggestion — that he would rise to national prominence in the Republican Party as a victor in a liberal state and could use his influence to soften the GOP’s hard-line opposition to abortion.

He would be a “good voice in the party” for their cause, and his moderation on the issue would be “widely written about,” he said, according to detailed notes taken by an officer of the group, NARAL Pro-Choice Massachusetts.

“You need someone like me in Washington,” several participants recalled Romney saying that day in September 2002, an apparent reference to his future ambitions.

Romney made similar assurances to activists for gay rights and the environment, according to people familiar with the discussions, both as a candidate for governor and then in the early days of his term.

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