Thursday, November 10, 2011

Bestiality Causes Cancer of Penis: Study

In a study of 492 men from rural Brazil, 35 percent reported having had sex with an animal at some point in their lives. The report found those men were twice as likely to develop cancer of the penis.

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-- From "Study Links Bestiality, Penile Cancer" by Greg Wilson, NBC Connecticut 11/8/11

The paper was authored by a team of urologists from centers around Brazil and studied men from age 18 to 80. Men who had had sex with animals also reported a higher incidence of sexually transmitted diseases. Of the 118 penile cancer patients, 45 percent reported having had sex with animals, compared to 32 percent of healthy men. Fifty-nine percent of men who had sex with animals did so for one to five years, while 21 percent continued the behavior, also known as zoophilia, for more than five years.

Men reported having sex as frequently as daily with such animals as mares, cows, pigs and and chickens. Penile cancer accounts for up to 10 percent of cancers in men in Asia, Africa and South America, although it is rare in the U.S.

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From "Sex with animals can give you penile cancer, life imprisonment" by Nancy Zielinski, Grand Rapids Sexual Health Examiner 11/9/11

. . . the state of Michigan has laws related to cruelty to animals – Crime Against Nature or Sodomy – that is punishable by imprisonment in the state prison not more than 15 years, or if such person was at the time of the said offense a sexually delinquent person, may be punishable by imprisonment in the state prison for an indeterminate term, the minimum of which shall be one day and the maximum of which shall be life.

Michigan is one of 30 states that have enacted laws that prohibit sexual contact between humans and animals.

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From "Sex with animals tied to penile cancer: What explains link?" by David W Freeman, CBS News 11/9/11

"We think that the intense and long-term SWA [sex with animals] practice could produce micro-traumas in the human penile tissue," Stenio de Cassio Zequi, a urologist in Sao Paolo, told LiveScience. "The genital mucous membranes of animals could have different characteristics from human genitalia, and the animals' secretions are probably different from human fluids. Perhaps animal tissues are less soft than ours, and non-human secretions would be toxic for us."

But that's not the only possible explanation. The study also fingered smoking, having sex with prostitutes, precancerous conditions of the penis, being nonwhite, and phimosis (a condition in which the foreskin cannot be fully retracted) as risk factors for penile cancer.

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From "Sex With Animals Linked to Penile Cancer" by Jennifer Abbasi, LiveScience Contributor 11/7/11

Sex with animals could be as ancient as sex itself. "Since time immemorial, this habit has been described in folk music, theater, jokes and oral traditions," Zequi told LiveScience. "In some antique civilizations there were temples or rituals designated for SWA practices." Yet SWA is underrepresented in scientific literature, and the new study is the first to link the practice to male genital cancers.

Tobias Köhler, a urologist at Southern Illinois University School of Medicine who was not involved in the research, said the study was rigorous. "It adds to our knowledge of cancer prevention and gives us epidemiological data we never really had before on sex with animals.”

He postulated that the lifestyle of men who have sex with animals could also be a factor. "The study reported that these men also have more sex with prostitutes," Köhler said.

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