Wednesday, November 23, 2011

Colorado Personhood on the Ballot in 2012, Again

Denver-based Personhood USA has submitted new language for another attempt, in 2012, whereby voters may amend the Colorado constitution to define life from the moment of fertilization, after defeats of similar measures in 2008 and 2010.

For background, read Abortionists Fear Personhood Movement Gaining Steam and also read Vote to Ban All Abortion: Nevada Personhood as well as Mississippi Failed to Negate Roe v. Wade via Personhood

UPDATE 8/30/12:
Personhood leaders challenge secretary of state rejection of petition drive

-- From "Personhood USA again pushes for right-to-life amendment to Colorado Constitution" by Electa Draper, The Denver Post 11/22/11

If the secretary of state approves the language, proponents will need to collect about 79,000 valid voter signatures to get on the ballot again.

The 2012 Personhood Amendment would add a new section to the state constitution to "affirm basic human dignity" and guarantee that the right to life "applies equally to all innocent persons" and "the intentional killing of any innocent person is prohibited."

The 2012 language states that only birth control, in-vitro fertilization and assisted reproduction "that kill a person" shall be affected by this amendment.

Spontaneous miscarriages and medical treatment for life-threatening physical conditions intended to preserve life would not be affected by the amendment, the much-longer 2012 measure reads.

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From "Personhood backers hope third time's the charm" by Eli Stokols, Political Reporter KDVR-TV31 (Denver) 11/21/11

The revised amendment would add language to the Colorado Constitution guaranteeing the right to life "applies equally to all innocent persons" and that "the intentional killing of any innocent person is prohibited."

Personhood's reemergence during a major presidential election year could also be a boon for Democrats as they look to adopt Sen. Michael Bennet's successful 2010 strategy -- targeting moderate, suburban women voters -- in an effort to help Obama win this most crucial swing state.

On Monday, Colorado Democratic Party Chairman Rick Palacio wasted little time issuing a press release highlighting the stance of the likeliest GOP presidential nominee, former Massachusetts Gov. Mitt Romney, who expressed support for the measure when it was on the ballot this year in Mississippi.

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From "Personhood measure heading back to ballot" by Ernest Luning, The Colorado Statesman 11/23/11

On Monday, Arvada-based Personhood USA unveiled a measure that’s been substantially rewritten from ballot initiatives Colorado voters shot down by wide margins in the last two general elections.

The measure, dubbed Amendment 48 on the 2008 state ballot, received 585,561 “yes” votes against 1,605,978 “no” votes, going down 73-27 percent. Two years later, when it appeared on the ballot as Amendment 62, the personhood question got 509,062 “yes” votes and 1,218,490 “no” votes in the lower-turnout election, or roughly 71-29 percent.

The proposal’s sponsors said the more detailed language might prevent opponents from fielding “lies and scare tactics” against the measure and keep the debate focused on the more fundamental question about when life begins.

Colorado GOP Chairman Ryan Call declined to predict whether the state party would back the measure, noting that an endorsement would have to make it through a multi-step resolution process. He acknowledged, however, that the issue could split Republicans.

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From "Colorado Personhood Amendment Back, Failed Twice Before" by Steven Ertelt, 11/21/11

During the 2008 and 2010 amendments, major pro-life groups including Focus on the Family, the state’s Catholic bishops, Colorado Citizens for Life, National Right to Life, Americans United for Life, Eagle Forum, and others either took a neutral position on the amendment or supported it but did not expend significant time or resources fighting for it because of the potential negative legal ramifications. Some pro-life groups indicated Colorado taxpayers could be stuck with the legal bills for Planned Parenthood if the abortion business wins a legal challenge against it.

The same groups will likely be expected to stay on the sidelines again as the focus on the greater pro-life goal of ending abortions by defeating pro-abortion President Barack Obama and installing a pro-life president in the White House who could change the makeup of the Supreme Court enough to allow for legal protection for unborn children.

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