Tuesday, November 15, 2011

Birth Control Pills Cause Cancer in Men

A new study in the British Medical Journal Open concludes that the rising incidence of prostate cancer deaths may be linked to a decades-long rise in the presence of the female hormone estrogen and similar compounds in the environment as a result of female human waste from birth control pills -- in other words, contamination of the food and water supply.

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-- From "Study: Link Between Birth Control Pills and Prostate Cancer?" by Lara Salahi, ABC News 11/15/11

The study found that countries with the highest number of women on the pill were more likely to have a higher number of men who are diagnosed with prostate cancer. The finding suggests for the first time a potential link between the pill and prostate cancer, the researchers said.

It’s unclear what exactly could tie the pill to prostate cancer, but researcher said estrogen hormones released in urine that recycle through the water supply could account for one possible explanation.

“There’s reason to suggest there’s an environmental component [to prostate cancer] and not solely genetic,” said Dr. Neil Fleshner, head of urology at the University Health Network in Ontario and co-author of the study.

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From "Global Prostate Cancer Risk Linked To Contraceptive Pill Usage" by Grace Rattue, Medical News Today 11/15/11

In order to determine prostate cancer rates, deaths as well as the ratio of women using common methods for contraception for 2007, the investigators used data from the International Agency for Research on Cancer (IARC) and the United Nations World Contraceptive Use report.

According to their calculations condoms, intrauterine devices, or other vaginal barriers were not linked with an increased risk of men developing prostate cancer.

However, in the population as a whole irrespective of the wealth of a nation, the use of the contraceptive pill in individual countries around the world was substantially linked to both the number of new prostate cancer cases and deaths from prostate cancer.

Themporal increases in the incidence of certain cancers (breast, endometrial, thyroid, testis and prostate) in hormonally sensitive tissues in many parts of the industrialized world are often cited as evidence that widespread exposure of the general population to EDCs [endocrine disruptive compounds] has had adverse impacts on human health."

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From "Pills, prostate cancer linked" posted at Press TV 11/15/11

Higher blood levels of estrogen hormone has already been linked to increased risk of different forms of cancer including prostate tumors while the new findings suggest that the synthetic hormones circulating in the environment can enter and accumulate in the human body through water and food chain.

Although the amounts of estrogen excreted from a woman taking contraceptives are very low, when millions of them use the pills over a long period of time, it might cause a low-level environmental contamination, said lead author Dr. David Margel of the University of Toronto.

To evaluate and develop their findings, researchers are planning to measure estrogen levels in water and blood stream of patients with prostate cancer.

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