Monday, November 21, 2011

Fetuses in Dumpsters Closes Mich. Abortion Clinics

Michigan Attorney General Bill Schuette prevailed in court to permanently close the Health Care Clinic in Delta Township (suburban Lansing) and the Women’s Choice Clinic in Saginaw for operating without valid licenses and numerous other violations of laws.

-- From "Abortion Clinics Will Close" by The Associated Press 11/21/11

[Schuette's] office says an investigation included evidence of improper medical records disposal at the two clinics. The investigation began in February, 2010, when Lansing anti-abortion activists searched the dumpster outside the Woman's Choice Clinic and found the remains of 17 fetuses tossed inside. Each fetus was wrapped in medical bag with the name of the mother wrinng on the side along with the date of the abortion.

Schuette says a consent order approved in court Monday provides for the clinics to close permanently. He says the clinics' operators also are barred from opening other abortion clinics.

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From "State attorney general shuts down Saginaw Township abortion clinic" by Justin L. Engel, The Saginaw News 11/21/11

“To ensure patient safety, state law restricts the organization of for-profit corporations that provide medical care services to licensed medical professionals only,” reads a media statement from Schuette’s office. “The clinics’ owner, Richard Remund, and his wife, Margaret Remund, are not licensed medical professionals.”

“Profit should never come before patient safety, and that’s why state law requires medical facilities to be run by licensed medical professionals,” Schuette said in a statement. “Facilities that fail to follow this important safeguard should not be in business.”

Abortion opponents held vigils near the clinic as part of the “40 Days for Life” campaign that ended earlier this year. Vigil participants included members of Resurrection of the Lord Catholic Church in Standish.

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From "Abortion Clinics Permanently Closed by Michigan Atty General" by Steven Ertelt, 11/21/11

After receiving a complaint in April 2010 documenting the improper disposal of unborn babies with ordinary trash in dumpsters outside the Health Care Clinic in Delta Township, the Attorney General’s Office launched an investigation in coordination with the Eaton County Sheriff’s Department, Eaton County Prosecutor Jeff Sauter, and the Saginaw County Sheriff’s Department. Results of the joint investigation included evidence the clinics were improperly incorporated and may have violated additional state regulations

Schuette noted evidence uncovered by investigators suggesting the improper disposal of medical records at the clinics has also been referred to the State Bureau of Health Professions for review. Disposing of medical records improperly may subject the associated licensed medical professionals, physicians contracted to provide abortions at the illegal clinic, to disciplinary measures.

“It’s widely known that employees at these facilities tossed unborn babies in the trash, so it is not surprising to find more evidence of callous disregard for state laws intended to protect patient safety,” said [State] Senator Rick Jones. “I applaud Attorney General Schuette for taking steps to hold these facilities accountable.”

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