Monday, November 07, 2011

New Mexico Teacher Surveys 14-year-olds' Sex Lives

The Rio Rancho School District 9th-grade biology teacher claimed to be studying spread of disease and infection, but bypassing parental notification resulted in the teacher being placed on paid leave during the investigation.

-- From "Controversial 9th Grade Sex Survey" posted at WMAR-TV 11/4/11

A group of parents in New Mexico is upset because a ninth grade biology teacher asked students to fill out an anonymous sex survey. The questions included: "Are you sexually active?" And, "Who is the last person you kissed?" The school district says it planned to use the survey to teach students about how disease spreads. Parents say they should have been notified.

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From "Teacher On Leave After Sex Survey, School Says" posted at KOAT-TV7 (Albuquerque) 11/3/11

The students took the anonymous sex survey, without their parents' knowledge.

Rio Rancho School District spokeswoman Kim Vessley said the district is investigating to determine whether the teacher will be disciplined. Vessley said both the student handbook and district policies clearly state that any type of survey that discusses sexual behaviors must have parental consent.

"There are many appropriate ways teachers can teach subjects. Perhaps this way was not the most appropriate way," Vessley said.

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From "Teacher Put on Leave After Survey on Sex" by Elaine D. BriseƱo, Rio Rancho Journal Staff Writer 11/5/11

“Under law and district policy 429, when certain types of questions are asked on a survey,” [Vesely] said, “parents must be given advanced notice. That was not done.”

The district is not releasing the name of the teacher because the incident is still under investigation. A Rio Rancho School Employees Union representative said the union had not been contacted by the teacher for representation.

The three-question survey asked students who they had kissed in the last month, who they commonly share saliva with through such things as make-up, drinks, Chapstick and food, and whether they were sexually active. They were told not to write down any names and instead to identify themselves and others with preassigned numbers.

Vesely said the district is looking into who had access to the numbers and whether students were identifiable.

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From "Teacher asked students about sex lives" by Alex Tomlin, KRQE-TV13 11/2/11

By law teachers are not allowed to talk to students about sex without parental consent; that way parents can opt for their child not to take part in the activity or lesson. But, a Rio Rancho High School biology teacher didn't ask anyone for permission when he handed out forms for a class project last week.

Students tell News 13 the surveys were handed out to at least freshmen and juniors, and that some students filled out the form at a table in front of the student store at the school.

“How did the district or the principal not know?” News 13 asked Vesely.

“Well, it's a fairly large school,” said Vesely.

The biology teacher has been with the district for several years. The district is not naming him, but it believes this is the first time he has given out this survey.

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