Monday, February 14, 2011

Praying for Victims of Planned Parenthood Nationwide

Pro-life activists gathered at hundreds of abortion clinics to pray for the victims of the abortion industry, and to protest Planned Parenthood's alleged participation in sex trafficking of young teens.

For background on Planned Parenthood and abortion legislation, read Congress Faces Greatest Genocide in History, and also read Left Fears a Take-down of Planned Parenthood

(In response to Planned Parenthood accusations of "doctored videos," every undercover video is available on-line, in full/unedited, with one extra click, as provided by Live Action.)

-- From "Prayer vigil targets Planned Parenthood" by Wendell Marsh, Reuters 2/14/11

Protesters converged on a Planned Parenthood clinic in Washington on Monday in what they said was one of a number of nationwide prayer vigils at the group's operations, which they say encourage sex trafficking.

The groups, which attracted about 70 to 100 people to the Washington vigil, would like to see an end to government subsidies for health provider Planned Parenthood.

"The horrors exposed in the recent videos were not isolated incidents in the history of a group willing to be a chief ally in the exploitation of women and girls," said Susan B. Anthony List president Marjorie Dannenfelser, in a statement after the protest.

"Yet, this organization insists that it deserves taxpayers' continued support," she said.

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From "Protests Outside Of Planned Parenthoods Nationwide" by Ashlei King, KTXS TV-12 News (Abilene, TX) 2/14/11

People protested outside Planned Parenthood clinics nationwide, including here in Abilene for victims of underage sex trafficking.

In Abilene, protestors held up signs saying Planned Parenthood is unsafe for women and girls.

Planned Parenthood said in a written statement, “Our first priority today and every day is taking care of the women and families who walk through our health center door seeking lifesaving cancer screenings, family planning, HIV testing and other services. There is nothing more important to us than the health and safety of our patients and providing high quality health care. No matter who protest, our patients can always count on Planned Parenthood to stay focused on delivering the care they need and deserve. That’s why we are here.”

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From "Protesters hold what they call a 'Vigil for Victims'" posted at KNDO TV Spokane, WA 2/14/11

Local human rights advocates held what they called a "Vigil for Victims" of underage sex trafficking Monday. They set up at both the Kennewick and Pasco Planned Parenthood offices.

"Planned Parenthood explained how they could give abortions to underage girls and how to break the law and at all seven places none of this was reported," says Katherine Crowley, Protester.

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From "Planned Parenthood draws controversy" by Beth Jones, WLUK TV-11 (Green Bay, WI) 2/14/11

More than 20 picketers lined the sidewalk in front of Planned Parenthood facility in Green Bay Monday afternoon.

Participants say they're trying to draw attention to videos allegedly showing Planned Parenthood staff in New Jersey as willing to assist sex traffickers. The undercover videos were released earlier this month by Live Action, a California-based group.

The group did not make any recent videos in Wisconsin.

"We're not accusing the local Planned Parenthood of being involved in any of that kind of activity, but we do know that the handing out of contraceptives and other issues that lead to abortion, these are things that Planned Parenthood is actively involved in and we don't want our tax dollars going to that," [40 Days for Life coordinator Jim] Ball explained.

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