Sunday, February 06, 2011

FOX Censors Christian Super Bowl Commercial

NFL Super Bowl ads include a plethora of hedonism (sex, alcohol, consumerism), but do NOT include these few alphanumeric characters: John 3:16

There are no preachers or ministers in the ad, no church or even a cross.

UPDATE 2/7/11: John 3:16 ad airs in limited markets, causing web traffic spike

-- From "Super Bowl Ads Will Leave a Religious Question Unanswered" by Mark Oppenheimer, New York Times 2/4/11

It is a reference to a Bible verse: “For God so loved the world that he gave his one and only Son, that whoever believes in him shall not perish but have eternal life.”

But according to Fox Sports . . . The network’s rejection of a 30-second spot centered on John 3:16 is just one example of an advertising culture that can be allergic to expressions of faith.

Fox Sports refused the ad because, according to a statement, “Fox Broadcasting Company does not accept advertising from religious organizations for the purpose of advancing particular beliefs or practices.”

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From "John 3:16 Super Bowl ad rejected on basis of 'religious doctrine'" by Amanda Read, Washington Times 2/5/11

Larry Taunton, executive director of the Alabama-based Christian organization Fixed Point Foundation [said,] “If you had thirty seconds to tell the world one thing, what would it be?” After pondering the opportunity to share a message with the largest television audience in history, the answer was simple and profound: A message of hope.

John 3:16 is a message of hope that not only was told by the most exceptional figure in world history, Jesus Christ – it is a message with a reference that has become part of the culture of football. From hand drawn fan signs to players' eye black, the Gospel verse has become part of the stadium landscape. But has anyone thought to look it up?

“Fox Sports isn't the enemy,” said Taunton. “We aren't out to demonize them. We think this is more of a cultural issue than it is a Fox Sports issue. Their solution was just to run from it because they think this is something that would offend their viewership. I think we have become so utterly sensitive and politically correct that the result is we end up doing absurd things like this.”

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From "Fox rejects John 3:16 Super Bowl ad, considers it controversial" by Shirley Evans, Catholic Online 2/6/11

For a company that bills itself as 'fair and balanced,' Fox's actions seem to tip the scale in one definitive direction.

Millions of dollars are made every year off the sale of 30-second Super Bowl commercial slots. These ads are frequently out-of-the-ordinary, hilarious, controversial or even downright depraved. This year, however, Fox Sports has labeled one seemingly innocuous Super Bowl ad as "religious doctrine" and much too offensive to be aired.

The John 3:16 commercial was produced by Fixed Point, a religious advocacy group based in Birmingham, Alabama. The group was set to pay about $3 million to have the ad aired on Fox Sports during the Super Bowl this Sunday, which will reach over 100 million viewers.

Religious leaders have expressed disappointment and confusion, especially since Fox commercials tend to be riddled with profanity and offensive images. Ads in the past have shown men kissing each other and scantily-clad women, among other sexually suggestive imagery.

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