Sunday, February 20, 2011

Society Without Procreation: Germany Reacts

Faced with one of Europe's lowest birth rates, Germans are wondering if they will cease to exist (replaced by a growing Muslim citizenry), and so they desperately search for answers (in all the wrong places).

UPDATE 1/16/16: Low European Birthrate Leads to Muslim Transformation

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-- From "Fewer Germans consider children essential part of life" posted at The Local (Germany) 2/17/11

More Germans are deciding children are not necessary to having a fulfilling life, according to a survey published this week.

“Having children is no longer a matter of course in Germany,” said Eltern editor Marie-Luise Lewicki.

About 81 percent of survey participants believed society values professional success over family, while 79 percent said daily life brings enough stress without children.

Meanwhile, 74 percent were unwilling to modify their lifestyle for the sake of having children, while 47 percent believed the future is too uncertain to have children now.

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From "Better child care may be key to boosting Germany's birth rate" by Karin J├Ąger, Deutsche Welle 2/14/11

. . . Women say there needs to be better childcare before they have kids.

77 percent of those asked said that they didn't think they could combine their job with family life. 61 percent said that there wasn't enough reliable child care available.

[Maike Krasensky, a 38-year-old single mother] would like the government to create more kindergarten places and also give single parents tax breaks, so that it's easier for mums to combine a career with their family.

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From "Germany wrestles with female quota in boardrooms" by Aurelia End, AFP 2/5/11

The remarkable lack of woman executives in Europe's biggest economy has sparked a groundswell of protest, with leading news magazine Der Spiegel calling in its current issue for a female quota to redress the imbalance.

"Quotas should be a first-aid measure for a society that has held on to rigid ideas of gender roles for too long," it wrote in an 11-page cover story entitled "Why Germany Needs A Woman Quota - A Manifesto".

Critics say Germany's resistance to women executives is rooted in a lack of affordable child care but also in cultural factors.

Professor Barbara Vinken of the University of Munich, a leading commentator on women's affairs, says that German women are confronted with more restrictive expectations . . . "German women have internalised the notion that the feminine ideal is a housewife or at most a part-time employee," she told AFP.

"No woman (with a partner) is forced to take care of her kids alone."

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