Wednesday, February 23, 2011

Planned Parenthood Launches Propaganda Campaign

With the nation's largest abortion mill targeted to be defunded by the new pro-life Christian majority in Congress, Planned Parenthood is disseminating false messages of its business goals.
[P]renatal care and adoption referrals resulted for only 5 percent of the total services provided to women in 2007 while abortions accounted for 95 percent of the services that year, according to Planned Parenthood’s own figures.
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UPDATE 4/15/11: Exposing Planned Parenthood's deceptive statistics

UPDATE 3/9/11: Planned Parenthood's 'Truth Tour' Does Not Mention the 332,278 Abortions It Performed in 2009

UPDATE 3/3/11: Planned Parenthood blitzes Senate

-- From "Planned Parenthood worried about funds" by Dennis Buterbaugh, abc27 News (Pennsylvania) 2/23/11

The House vote on cutting Planned Parenthood funding wasn't even close. It passed 240 to 185, with 11 Democrats voting yes.

Planned Parenthood said that if the funding is cut, the organization would have to shut down in Pennsylvania.

Stevens said Planned Parenthood provides services that many women would not get otherwise; such as birth control, pap smears and treatment of sexually transmitted diseases.

The annual report for Planned Parenthood in our region shows about two percent of their services are abortions. That's why some think the federal funds should be cut.

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From "March protests looming Planned Parenthood funding end" by Julie Percha, Pittsburgh Post-Gazette 2/23/11

More than 100 people took to the streets Downtown today to protest a national budget amendment that would eliminate all federal funding for Planned Parenthood, the family planning and reproductive health services group.

. . . Planned Parenthood, which provides cancer screenings, blood pressure tests, reproductive exams and HIV/AIDS testing and counseling, among other services, in addition abortions.

If the amendment survives in the Senate, it would mean a nearly one-third budget cut for the seven Planned Parenthood centers in the region, said Kim Evert, president and CEO of Planned Parenthood of Western Pennsylvania.

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From "Local Planned Parenthood supporters prepare for funding fight" posted at WBTV-3 (Charlotte, NC) 2/23/11

Local Planned Parenthood supporters are mobilizing their base to lobby against a Republican-backed bill which passed the U.S. House of Representatives last week.

Patty Dillion, who works for Planned Parenthood . . . said 90-percent of their services are preventative, including cancer screenings, annual exams, counseling, and birth control. Less than three-percent of their services go toward abortion care, she said.

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