Friday, February 11, 2011

Pastor Banned from TV for Speaking Truth

A television show that tackled family-oriented issues from a Christian perspective has been pulled from the air in Canada, and Word TV's executive producer and host, [evangelical minister] Charles McVety, is calling it a simple case of censoring a message that is politically incorrect.

. . . Americans should be concerned because American preachers are being silenced, too -- plus McVety contends that what is happening in Canada eventually will happen in the U.S.

-- From "Pastor's TV show pulled from air after 'disparaging' remarks about gay" by Amy Minsky, Postmedia News - Ottawa Citizen 1/31/11

The tension between the reverend and the Christian broadcaster began in December, when the Canadian Broadcast Standards Council, an industry watchdog, said CTS violated national broadcasting codes when McVety made "disparaging" on-air remarks about homosexuals.

A station spokeswoman, meanwhile, denied the cancellation of Word TV was a consequence of bowing to political pressure. Rather, it was based on the show's "lack of compliance with the CTS code of ethics," Carolyn Innis said.

His show was consequently pulled from the air. The station let him back the following week, but decided to pre-screen the show.

But this past Sunday night, any viewers tuning in to hear McVety were instead met with a notice alerting them that the show had been cancelled.

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From "Christian broadcaster gets the Canadian boot" by Charlie Butts, OneNewsNow 2/7/11

Now McVety tells OneNewsNow that his last three shows never made it on the air. In one, he talked about an upcoming debate with an atheist author.

"This lady is a very proud atheist -- but somehow they claim I can't call her an atheist pastor," he shares. "On the next show, I said that I was being attacked and my freedom of speech was under attack. They said I'm not allowed to use the word 'attack.'"

McVety says he has been so heavily censored that he is in a quandary as to what he can say -- or, as he states on his website, "I don't know how they want me to talk." He believes that sort of speech control should be reserved for fascist, totalitarian states -- not a country that claims to permit freedom of speech.

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From "Show axed after criticism of 'gay' curriculum" by Michael Carl © 2011 WorldNetDaily 2/11/11

"The crux of this problem is that last year I led a protest to stop our minister of education from presenting a new curriculum that would teach, starting at grade three, that there are six genders and that the children can't be happy and can't have a positive image of themselves until they accept their inner gender which may not coincide with their physical body," McVety told WND.

"The people in Canada rose up after I spoke about this and the Ontario Ministry of Education was forced to withdraw that curriculum and I talked about that on my television program and this Canadian Broadcast Standards Board then came out with a decision against me claiming that I mischaracterized that curriculum," McVety explained further.

"They said the curriculum was about tolerance. I said it was all about nonsense and they somehow politically censored me and say that I'm not allowed to really critique the curriculum," McVety continued.

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