Tuesday, May 11, 2010

Supreme Court 'Don't Ask, Don't Tell'

Concerning President Obama's nomination of Elena Kagan, the pervasive question whispered today is, Can a homosexual serve openly on the Supreme Court?

UPDATE 5/13/10: Argued in Washington Post, 'Sexual orientation' matters in public office

UPDATE 5/12/10: Kagan's girlfriends say she dated men 30 years ago, but now fear offending gays

UPDATE 5/11/10: KETK-TV (NBC) brings Kagan's 'sexual orientation' to the fore

-- From "The question everyone's whispering about Kagan" by Art Moore © 2010 WorldNetDaily 5/10/10

"Liberal cowardice" and "conservative discomfort" are burying the question many privately are posing about Supreme Court nominee Elena Kagan, asserts noted political commentator and blogger Andrew Sullivan, who identifies himself as a gay Catholic.

"So is she gay?" Sullivan asks on his Atlantic magazine blog.

Deriding the "homophobia of liberal mainstream journalists," Sullivan said the press has only one professional option, to "ask a factual question that deserves a factual answer."

From the other side of the cultural divide, Peter LaBarbera, president of the evangelical Christian group Americans For Truth About Homosexuality, sounded a similar note.

"In an era of ubiquitous pro-gay messages and pop culture celebration of homosexuality, it's ridiculous that Americans should be left guessing as to whether a Supreme Court nominee has a special, personal interest in homosexuality," LaBarbera said.

The White House tried to quash the issue last month when it criticized CBS News for running on its website a piece by blogger Ben Domenech that said Kagan is an open lesbian.

Domenech wasn't alone in his belief that Kagan is a lesbian. Numerous blogs familiar to the homosexual community, such as 365gay.com, Queerty and On Top Magazine, have identified Kagan as "openly gay."

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From "The Kagan Rope-A-Dope?" by Andrew Sullivan, The Atlantic 5/11/10

There are three possibilities, it seems to me, behind the kerfuffle over Elena Kagan's emotional orientation. The first is that her orientation is heterosexual and she is merely a dedicated career person who never had time for a date. The second is that she is lesbian, and she remains in a glass closet, and the Obamaites, revealing their usual tone-deafness on gay issues, never asked and blundered into this. The third is that she is a highly cautious political lesbian who has drawn a line around her real life in order to prevent her orientation being used against her - especially by the Christianist right.

The reason I doubt the first is that the administration had a clear opportunity to say so yesterday and punted. The reason I doubt the second is that the president had a dry run on this a while back in the Domenech incident. He could not have been surprised by the press questions yesterday and he cannot be that politically dumb.

So what if the third option is correct and Obama is actually being extremely shrewd?

The president can say, appealing to the middle, that he respects privacy and has reluctantly allowed Kagan to come out under despicable pressure from [leftist] people like me. Then he dares the Christianist right to vote against her merely because she is a discreet lesbian. And so his jujitsu becomes a triumph for gay rights, and his nominee, who I suspect is far more left-liberal than anyone now believes, helps shape the court for a generation.

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