Wednesday, May 12, 2010

Men Without Sperm: Empowering Women

Recent studies showing 20% of otherwise healthy young men producing inadequate sperm gives ammunition to feminist dreams of civilization without men.

The study shows that a woman can control her male offspring's sperm production, and thus future potency, during pregnancy and infancy -- what power!

UPDATE 6/29/10: Drinking alcohol while pregnant 'affects sperm'

-- From "The infertility timebomb: Are men facing rapid extinction?" by Tamara Sturtz, Daily Mail 5/10/10

Professor Niels Skakkebaek, of the University of Copenhagen, describes the issue 'as important as global warming'. Last week, one science writer even suggested, in starkly terrifying terms, that if scientists from Mars were to study the male reproductive system, they would possibly conclude that man was destined for rapid extinction.

And if it continues, this trend could indicate men are on a path to becoming completely infertile within a few generations.

Only 5 to 15 per cent of their sperm is good enough to be classed as 'normal' under World Health organisation rules - proving that infertility is not just a female problem. Indeed, among those experiencing difficulty with conception, a male fertility problem is considered important in about 40 per cent of couples.

[There's] growing evidence that although the process of sperm production - known as spermatogenesis - starts in adolescence, the crucial preparations are made in the few months before and after birth.

Factors such as women eating a lot of beef during pregnancy - which means they have consumed a diet rich in polycyclic aromatic hydrocarbons (PAHs) that are potentially damaging chemicals - to the issue of obesity during pregnancy and a woman's exposure to smoke, pesticides, traffic fumes, plastics and even soya beans are all thought to have a bearing on a male foetus's future fertility.

Experts talk of a 'window' of testicular development that begins in the growing foetus and ends in the first six months of life. Problems in this period mean that the baby boy may never be able to produce babies of his own.

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