Saturday, May 29, 2010

ACLU Fails to Silence Christians at Indiana Graduation

Weeks ago, a federal judge, ruling in favor of the ACLU, barred student-led prayer planned for the high school commencement, but Friday evening, the class president took the podium to read Scripture and praise God, as graduates joined in applause.

-- From "Will Greenwood High grads hear a prayer?" by Melanie D. Hayes, Indianapolis Star 5/28/10

Traditionally, the high school asked its student body to decide by vote if it would like to have a prayer during the ceremony. Each year, the majority of students voted in favor of a prayer, including this year.

This time though, they faced a challenger.

Eric Workman, 18, the class valedictorian, filed a lawsuit against the school on March 11, claiming the graduation prayer violated the First Amendment provision of the separation of church and state.

U.S. District Judge Sarah Evans Barker ruled in his favor in late April and granted a preliminary injunction prohibiting Greenwood High School from permitting student-led prayer at its May 28 graduation ceremony.

The district did not appeal the ruling . . .

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From "God gets into Greenwood graduation anyway" by Melanie D. Hayes, Indianapolis Star 5/29/10

When Greenwood High School valedictorian Eric Workman took to the podium Friday to deliver his commencement speech, many in the audience grew restless.

Workman said he viewed the vote as a decision on whether "the Constitution should be violated," and that the rights of the minority against prayer should be protected.

"My individual freedoms were subjugated," the self-described scientist said in his speech.

After his speech, people clapped and cheered, though not as loudly as for other speakers. About two dozen gave him a standing ovation.

Though Workman had fought against prayer, class president Courtenay Elizabeth Cox gave many students what they wanted.

"I would like to give thanks to God," she said, as the audience and graduates broke into cheers and applause. "None of us would even be alive, and I personally wouldn't be standing here, without him.

"The staff here and my family helped me through a lot of hardships, but I would not have overcome any of those without my faith."

Cox also read a verse from the Bible, adding, "Remember, people come and go, but God is always there for you. . . . I believe he deserves to be thanked for that."

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