Thursday, August 16, 2007

Gay Activists Bully New Jersey High School into Staging Pro-Homosexual Play

In reaction to a threat by gay rights groups to bring hundreds of protestors to town, the superintendant of a New Jersey school district reverses an earlier decision to cancel plans to perform a pro-gay play.

From "Controversial Play Gets Green Light" by Erik Larsen, posted 8/12/07 at Home News Tribune

OCEAN TOWNSHIP — Superintendent of Schools Thomas M. Pagano on Thursday reversed an earlier decision and said "The Laramie Project" will be performed at the high school this fall, ending a weeklong controversy that had gay rights groups promising to bring hundreds of protesters to town.

The play based on the true story of the murder of Matthew Shepard, a homosexual college student, and the aftermath, had initially been canceled by administrators, who said its provocative themes might prove a disruption to the district.

Sadly, the Matthew Shepard murder story is true. However, it has since been conclusively revealed that Shepard's murder was never about his homosexuality. It was a robbery for money and drugs. Gay activists, with the help of the main stream media, turned Matthew's name into a battle cry for gay 'rights.'

In addition, the "Laramie Project" contains sex, violence, profanity, and anti-Christian elements. It is not appropriate for high school students.

In explaining his reversal Thursday, Pagano who had said previously that he would not be pressured into changing his mind, said reaction in the community was overwhelmingly in favor of the play going on and that no one had expressed support for the initial decision.

No one? That seems rather unlikely...

Steven Goldstein, chairman of Garden State Equality, a statewide gay-rights group, said the district's about-face represented one of the most jubilant days in the organization's history.

"This victory means that the students of Ocean Township High School will see a play that will change their lives," Goldstein said. "And that will go such a long way in bringing mutual respect and tolerance for all people from the area. This is also a huge victory for academic freedom it says a lot to the power of the gay/lesbian community and our allies."

Yes. It does say a lot about the power of homosexual activists and the cowardice of our leaders - which gives them that power...

As of Thursday, high school drama coach Bob Angelini got "The Laramie Project" reinstated for the first three nights in November, and also won additional concessions from the superintendent.

First, the play will not only be viewed by parents and community members over three nights, but will be shown to the entire student body during school hours. Angelini also will with individual parental permission take the show on the road outside the district, under the West Park Players moniker, the name of the high school drama club.

"We had a blunt conversation," Angelini said about a talk with Pagano.

Shown to the entire student body during school hours? Taking it on the road? That must have been a VERY 'blunt' conversation.

These aren't just 'concessions', they are appeasement - to the 'God of All Things Gay' and his angry priests...

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