Wednesday, August 22, 2007

Forced Education in Homosexuality and Evolution Leads to Exodus of Mennonites from Quebec

The Canadian government's commitment to homosexual advocacy is making it nearly impossible for Christians to live, work, and raise children according to Biblical truth.

From "Forced Education in Homosexuality and Evolution Leads to Exodus of Mennonites from Quebec" by John-Henry Westen, posted 8/17/07 at

A community of a dozen Mennonite families in Quebec is ready to leave the province rather than succumb to provincial government demands that would require their children to be taught evolution and homosexuality. While the government sees its actions as nothing more than enforcing technical regulations, many view the case an intolerance of Christian faith.

The community runs a small Mennonite school, out of a church in Roxton Falls, where eleven children in elementary grades were expected to commence studies this fall. Subjects include reading, writing, math, science, geography, social sciences, music and French. However, they are not schooled in evolution and homosexuality (sex education) as demanded by the official provincial curriculum.

Quebec Education Ministry spokesman Francois Lefebvre told that the province has two requirements for approval of private schools. "That the teachers are certified and that the provincial curriculum which is mandatory in all Quebec schools is followed," he said.

Ronald Goosen, a spokesman for the families, told that the community rejects both demands. With regard to certified teachers, he said, "we have pulled our students out of public schools and by asking us to have certified teachers they are asking us to send our teachers to public school. So basically they're asking something of us that we don't feel we can do."

...Given other incidents in the province, Goossen was concerned that if they don't comply, children might be taken from their families by social workers. In 2002, social workers in Aylmer removed seven children from a Mennonite family because the family used spanking as a form of discipline.

This move is an enactment of the Ministry of Education's decision last year to shut down schools that don't teach the full government-approved curriculum. The Ministry threatened to shut down private Evangelical schools that didn't want to teach evolution and sex-education (See ).

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This is the story about what happens when Christians ignore the moral decline in their own culture. It is probably the future of the Church in America. To where will we flee?

Our silence virtually guarantees that we will ultimately lose is the freedom to speak, live, work and raise our children according to Biblical truth...

I wonder if one day we won't curse ourselves as fools for letting something so precious as the freedom to do what is right slip through our fingers so casually...