Wednesday, August 22, 2007

Men's and Lady's Rooms Discriminate Against the Transgendered?

Transgender activists claim that segregating men and women in different bathrooms is akin to racial segregation.

From "Summary Of Transgender Law Center ReportPeeing In Peace: A Resource Guide For Transgender Activists And Allies’ posted 7/7/07 at Traditional Values Coalition

The Transgender Law Center (TLC), in association with People In Search Of Safe Restrooms (PISSR), has published a document promoting “gender neutral restrooms” throughout American culture.

The TLC document, “Peeing In Peace: A Resource Guide For Transgender Activists And Allies,” was funded, in part, by atheist liberal George Soros’ Open Society Institute and the Kicking Assets Fund of the Tides Foundation. (Teresa Kerry, the wife of Senator John Kerry has provided more than $4 million to the Tides Foundation through the Howard Heinz Foundation.)

...In the section, “Historical Bathroom Activism,” the TLC claims that “Bathrooms have long been a place where people with authority, power, or wealth have denied access to other people. Over 150 years ago, only wealthy people could afford bathrooms in their homes and poor people were forced to use insufficient, non-hygenic public toilets.”

TLC claims that segregating men and women in different bathrooms is akin to racial segregation before the Civil Rights Movement.

The premise of the TLC report is that: “Safe bathroom access is not a luxury or a special right. Without safe access to public bathrooms, transgender people are denied full participation in public life. For example, transgender youth may be unable to complete school due to a lack of safe bathroom access. Due to bathroom discrimination in the workplace, transgender people may quit or be fired from their jobs.”

In addition, the TLC claims that transgender people often avoid public restrooms and “develop health problems as a result.”

TLC claims that women’s and children’s safety are at stake because men’s and women’s restrooms are segregated by sex. According to TLC logic, putting a “women’s restroom” sign on a door doesn’t prevent men from entering those restrooms to harm women. In fact, having a women’s symbol on a restroom actually tells a predator where to look for women.

TLC also claims that children will be safer when gender neutral restrooms are created in businesses and public places. Why? Because parents will be free to take their children into any restroom to guard their safety.

Is there no end to the nonsense?

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