Thursday, August 30, 2007

Conservative Students Need not Apply to Purdue's Marriage and Family Services Program

After a conservative Mormon student informed his professor that he could not help a teenage boy embrace homosexuality, the professor decided that Latter Day Saints Family Services was no longer a good place for practicum students to work AND none of the student's hours worked there would count towards his degree...

From "Of Mice and Mormons" (3 part series) by Mike Adams, posted 8/27/07 at

There seems to be no end to the destruction coming from the gay rights movement. Consider the following account of a two students in the Marriage and Family Therapy program at Purdue:

In the master’s program referred to in part one of this series, all students are required to take a class in “sex therapy.” A significant portion of this class focuses on “visual desensitization.” That means the professors show a lot of videos and pictures of people having sex. Of course, students are “free” to excuse themselves from class if the sex scenes make them uncomfortable. However, students know that if they were to do so, they would face repercussions later.

...On April 14, 2004, Mr. Ford (a Mormon student) visited Professor Trepper’s office to ask questions about applying the information from the sex therapy class to different types of clients. He wanted to know how he could apply this knowledge to a patient who has a traditional view of morality - one who follows Biblical moral teachings. As an example, he mentioned the therapeutic approach called “sensate focus,” which uses systematic desensitization to help couples achieve coitus. As it teaches individuals to masturbate, a religious person might not use this technique without violating his religion.

In response, Professor Trepper asked Mr. Ford whether he would conduct “gay affirmative therapy” or “gay couple therapy.” Mr. Ford responded that he would do neither because he did not feel competent to do so. Both clearly violated his faith tradition so, instead, he said he would refer clients requesting such treatment to other therapists. Trepper responded saying: “I just don’t know whether you can even be in the program.”

Next, Professor Wetchler began discussing the merits of Mr. Ford’s LDS faith. When Mr. Ford noted how his mission work had helped solidify that faith, Wetchler dismissed his idea saying Mr. Ford had been raised in an “insulated society.”

No Professor Wetchler. We have examined your point of view and found it to be both illogical and immoral...

Another Mormon student was told that he could no longer help a teen who wanted to overcome his attraction to other men but must help the client embrace the desires he was trying to extinguish...

...Mr. West (the student) then asked the learned professor whether therapists are ethically bound to help a client reach his goals rather than to advance the therapist’s political agenda. And he further asked Professor Hecker if she would want Mr. West to change his views concerning the matter simply because she disagreed with him. The good professor was visibly shaken by the question.

Please read the whole story.

The sad fact is, Purdue is not alone. Madness is gripping our institutions of 'higher' learning. Helping someone overcome homosexuality is seen as unethical in these circles - since in their distorted worldview, homosexual behavior is perfectly natural, normal and healthy. One must instead, help a patient to embrace same-sex attraction and behavior. Given the fact that 71% of HIV infection in our country is attributable to men having sex with men, there must be a lawsuit in here somewhere...

At the risk of stating the obvious, a Christian counselor, in good conscience, cannot help people become comfortable with sin...(even if there weren't such dire consequences as injury, disease, depression, promiscuity, etc.)

Another consideration:

Once the belief that homosexuality is on par with race is codified into law (through ENDA or same-sex marriage) LICENSES and TAX-EXEMPTION for Biblically based counseling and counseling organizations will probably be in jeopardy...