Friday, August 10, 2007

Canada: Courageous Christian Mayor Rejects 'Gay Pride' Flag

Motivated by Christian beliefs, a Canadian mayor refused to fly a rainbow "gay pride" flag at his town hall.

From "Christian mayor rejects 'gay pride' flag" by 9/6/07 at

The decision by Bill Mills was backed by the town council of Truro, Nova Scotia, with a 6-1 vote Friday, reported the Canadian television network CTV.

"There are writings in the book of Romans chapter one, to name a few – basically I have to go with that conviction, and I know it's not a popular one," said Mills, who leads a town of about 12,000 people.

Mills contended he had a right to his opinion, but a local homosexual activist group called the decision a sign of homophobia in a government that should be secular.

"It's about having a welcoming community ... and having people feel comfortable where they live," said Bonnie Joldersma, a member of the Northern AIDS Connection Society, according to CTV.

No, it's about making people comfortable with immorality...

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