Wednesday, May 09, 2007

Resolution Calls for More SBC Churches to Start Christian Schools

From "Resolution calls for more SBC churches to start Christian schools" by Allie Martin, posted 5/7/07 at

A joint resolution calling on more Southern Baptist churches to start Christian schools has been introduced for the denomination's upcoming meeting in San Antonio. The resolution was submitted by Drs. Voddie Baucham and Bruce Shortt, both of whom have led the call in recent years for the Southern Baptist Convention (SBC) to develop an exit strategy from the public school system.

The resolution comes in the wake of comments made last year by SBC president Dr. Frank Page in which he called upon churches to start more Christian schools. Baucham says parents must realize the public school system is hostile to the Christian message.

"The discussion has to continue, but we have got to be honest in the discussion," he urges. That discussion has been posed as "sort of equal choices," Baucham explains. "And these are not equal choices. When we make a decision to send our children to an institution that is anti-Christian by federal mandate, we are making a decision about their future and their discipleship."

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