Tuesday, May 01, 2007

Hate Crimes Law: Dems Admit Pastors Could be Charged with Inciting Hate

From "TVC Report on Hate Crimes Hearing: Religious Protection Amendment Rejected" by Peter LaBarbera, posted 4/25/07 at Americans for Truth.

The following is Traditional Values Coalition’s firsthand report from last week’s House Judiciary Committee hearing on the “Thought Crimes” bill, H.R. 1592 (the bill’s is benignly called the “Local Law Enforcement Hate Crimes Prevention Act”):

Congressman Mike Pence from Indiana offered the important amendment on Freedom of Religion. “Nothing in this section limits the religious freedom of any person or group under the constitution.”

A number of Republicans spoke in support of it. But the Democrats Jerrold Nadler, Tammy Baldwin and Chairman John Conyers kept evading the issue.

Finally, Congressman Gohmert asked, “If a minister was giving a sermon, a Bible study or any kind of written or spoken message saying that homosexuality was a serious sin and a person in the congregation went out and committed a crime against a homosexual would the minister be charged with the crime of incitement?”

...The Democrats continued to explain why they could not accept the amendment. Lundgren continuously shot down their answer. He said, “What is your answer? Would there be incitement charges against the pastor?”

And finally Democrat Congressman Artur Davis from Alabama spoke up and said, “Yes.”

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This legislation is expected to come up for a full vote in the House as soon as Thursday, May 3rd! Check and see if your representative supports this amendment to federal hate crimes law and then call them and tell them to vote NO!