Thursday, May 31, 2007

British Teachers Union Calls for British Teachers to be Prohibited from Promoting Natural Marriage

From "Outlaw Promoting Natural Marriage in Schools Urges UK Teachers and Profs Union" by Hillary White, posted 5/31/07 at

Britain’s heavily left-leaning University and College Union (UCU) that represents teachers and professors at the post-secondary level, says the recently passed Sexual Orientation Regulations (SOR’s) do not go far enough. The union is calling for British law to be rewritten to prohibit teachers or schools from expressing any moral opposition to homosexuality or from promoting natural marriage in the classroom.

At their annual conference in Bournemouth, members voted unanimously on a motion demanding that laws be changed to prohibit teachers from voicing opposition to homosexuality or the “gay” lifestyle. Members argued that the passage of the Sexual Orientation Regulations meant that “faith schools” ought to be forced to entirely cease teaching religious doctrines on sexual morality.

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