Thursday, May 10, 2007

Christian Ministry Buys Former Abortion Clinic

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Another former abortion clinic – this one in Indiana – is to be converted into a ministry of life, according to officials with Operation Rescue, one of the nation's leading edge abortion opponents.

Former Rescue leader Bryan Brown has confirmed he has purchased the building that previously was the abortion clinic called Women's Health Clinic in Fort Wayne, Ind., and plans to establish a "Culture of Life Center" in the facility.

"We will be involved in commemoration, communication and litigation in support of natural law and pro-family issues," Brown said.

It's the second such situation where pro-life advocates have moved onto ground once held by the abortion industry: Operation Rescue's own headquarters in Wichita, Kan., previously were used by an abortion business.

Ironically, the Fort Wayne location is the same building where Brown once protested abortions in his hometown, and where he once was fined $61,600 for his protests.
Those fines, from the early 1990s, later were dropped. However, at the time they prompted him to move from Indiana to Kansas, where he participated in Operation Rescue's 1991 Summer of Mercy.

He later stayed on to earn a law degree and eventually become the chief of the Consumer Affairs Division of the Kansas Attorney General's Office.

The building actually was purchased through Brown's organization, Donnagal Corridor, which was named after an Irish mountain pass secretly opened to American airmen during World War II so they could refuel while hunting German submarines in the North Atlanta.
The purchase price is also about the same as the fines earlier ordered against Brown for protesting there.

"This furthers the trend of Christians buying abortion clinics and redeeming them for righteousness," said OR President Troy Newman. It was under his direction that Operation Rescue bought the Wichita abortion business early in 2006. It's now being remodeled.

"This is an amazing picture of God's redemptive power," he said. "We congratulate Bryan Brown on his new endeavor in Indiana and look forward to seeing many great pro-life victories as a result of his commitment of faith to the protection of the innocent."

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