Thursday, May 31, 2007

Chicago's Palmer House Hilton Hotel Hosts Conference for Sado-Masochists

From "Sodom by the Lake: Chicago's Palmer House Hotel Hosts Perverse 'International Mr. Leather" by Peter LaBarbera, posted 5/30/07 at

Pro-homosexuality activism is largely a big city phenomenon. The City of Chicago has the “queer” distinction of being a favorite city of sadomasochists, people who would have once been known, in saner times, as what they are: perverts. Proceeds from International Mr. Leather’s vendor registration went to a place called the Leather Archives Museum — a “museum” for sexual sadists, again, located in Chicago. I visited this “museum” last year and was stunned by its audacious chronicling of the most repulsive perversions (see main story), e.g., “fisting.” The sheer horror and weirdness of the place makes it difficult to describe to a normal audience.

How sad that this great city and so many of its leaders have given themselves over to celebrating sexual depravity. How bad is it?

Peter LaBarbera, Americans for Truth, took these photos walking through the IML vendor fair, which was open to the public. Must be seen to be believed.

To view the photos, please click here.

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