Wednesday, May 09, 2007

Christian Teens Seek to Hold 'Christian' Principal Accountable

From "Students Protest Outside Principal's Church, Home" by Koula Gianulias, posted 5/6/07, at

A school protest turned personal when demonstrators targeted a church, and the home of a Citrus Heights principal.

Protestors were lashing out at the principal for banning t-shirts with a biblical message that some considered anti-gay.

One student at the protest was suspended for wearing the t-shirt, On Sunday he was demonstrating against his principal in front of his church.

Churchgoers were surprised and disappointed, but tried to turn the other cheek.

A few hours later, demonstrators planted themselves in front of the principal’s house, raising their voices as neighbors came out to look.

Principal Terwilliger was visibly shaken by their visit and notified police, but he didn’t want to talk on camera, fearing the situation would only get worse. All of this was sparked by National Day of Silence, an event at high schools to promote tolerance. Some students retaliated by wearing biblical t-shirts that the principal considers anti gay.

The principal already reversed the suspensions hoping to open a dialogue. He also says it is his duty to maintain a safe learning environment.

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While I don't condone their method, I do admire the idea behind it. This principal is in open rebellion to God's Word. His CHURCH should be holding him accountable. Apparently Christian teens are willing to go where adult Christians fear to tread...