Wednesday, May 09, 2007

Mainstream Media Decides Not to Report Triple Parenting Decision

From "Ma, Pa and Ma in Pennsylvania" by Stanley Kurtz, posted 5/7/07 at

..."Conservative" advocates of same-sex marriage have downplayed the influence of pro-triple-parenting radicals, denying that we will ever see a grass-roots movement powerful enough to precipitate legal recognition of this dramatic change in family practice. Against this, I’ve argued that a pro-triple-parenting movement is already visible, and is simply waiting for national same-sex marriage to be approved before emerging in force. (See The Confession and The Confession II.)

Well, it now appears that we may not have to wait for a new national movement of family radicals. Gay marriage is apparently already serving as a springboard for the dissolution of our traditional family arrangements. Just a week ago, almost completely under the radar (I can’t find a single story on nexis), a Pennsylvania court awarded triple parenting status to a lesbian couple and a male sperm donor, without any legislative basis. Here is further coverage (vertigo alert on this one) and here is the decision.

...Where is media coverage of the Pennsylvania decision? Gil Scott Heron had a song called "The Revolution Will Not Be Televised." Apparently, the family revolution in Pennsylvania will not be publicized.

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