Sunday, December 13, 2015

Man, 52, Newly Adopted, Becomes 6-year-old Girl

Paul Wolscht, abandoned his wife Maria and seven children, then subsequently was "adopted" into a sexually-deviant family of a polyamorous woman with her male partner (a homosexual pedophile who sodomizes Wolscht as if Wolscht were a young boy), so Wolscht, believing he's a prepubescent girl named Stefonknee, claims the label of "trans-aged transgender" — and this is being embraced as legitimate!
“Well, I have a mummy and a daddy… adopted mummy and daddy who are totally comfortable with me being a little girl. And their children, and their grandchildren, are totally supportive. In fact, her youngest granddaughter… When I was eight. A year ago, I was eight, and she was seven. And she said to me, ‘I want you to be the little sister, so I’ll be nine.’ I said, ‘Well, I don’t mind going to six.’ So I’ve been six ever since… But, we have a great time. We color, we do kids stuff. It’s called play therapy. No medication, no suicide thoughts. And I just get to play.”
-- Paul Wolscht
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Audio interview with Wolscht and "Mummy & Daddy" — WARNING! Explicitly sexually deviant (beginning on timeline below at 7:30):

-- From "Transgender dad leaves wife and seven kids to live life as a SIX-YEAR-OLD GIRL" by Sam Webb, UK Mirror 12/13/15

Paul was married to his wife and was a father to their seven kids for 23 years

She says the older couple accept her chosen identity and she spends her time wearing pretty dresses and playing with their grandchildren.

After splitting from Maria, she moved to Toronto to live as woman and began hormone replacement therapy in 2009.

But then her life began to fall apart. She lost her job as a mechanic after customers couldn't accept her being transgender, slept in a homeless shelter and attempted suicide.

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From "‘I don’t want to be an adult right now’" by Guy Birchall, News Corp Australia Network 12/11/15

Wolscht says: “I can’t deny I was married. I can’t deny I have children.

“But I’ve moved forward now and I’ve gone back to being a child.

Aged 46, after 23 years of marriage, Stefonknee decided she was transgender.

Stefonknee’s wife told her to either “stop being trans or leave,” prompting her decision to move out of the family home, reports The Sun.

Stefonknee now has a job ploughing snow and says she is being accepted in a way she never expected before after her “fresh start” now she can finally be “exactly who she is”.

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From "Canadian man leaves household to be transgender six-year-old woman Stefonknee Wolscht" posted at UK Star Daily Standard Times 12/13/15

Stefonknee, who previously went by the name Paul, worked as a mechanic and was a dedicated member of the Catholic church, says she was trans before she got married to Maria after high school, but wasn’t educated about what that meant, and was terrified of being different.

. . . Stefonknee said she first realized she was different from other boys as early as age six, because she was always jealous of the girls at school who got to wear new dresses on picture day.

Stefonknee, who then went by her given name Paul, began dating a woman named Maria in high school, and they later married. Maria was surprised by Paul’s love of women’s clothing, but was initially supportive, and even bought him an outfit.

‘The next day, she bought me a black pleated skirt, a white blouse, and a grey camisole… so then I had an ally.’

But while Maria was supportive of her husband’s cross-dressing, she did not accept him as transgender.

. . . Stefonknee has now found acceptance at Metropolitan Community Church of Toronto, where much of the congregation is made up of LGBT members who have formed a special support group just for her.

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