Wednesday, December 02, 2015

Christmas Tree Flyer Censored by NH School Supt.

A few days after Veterans' Day, Superintendent Robert Malay of School Administrative Unit 29 (Keene, New Hampshire) put Air Force veteran John Fletcher on notice that if he wanted to distribute invitation flyers in district schools for any civic events, the word "Christmas" is strictly forbidden.  The Lions Club and American Legion had previously sponsored the annual Christmas tree lighting in Marlborough, NH for over 15 years without incident.
"I was very upset, I really was.  If it's not a school sponsored activity, I don't understand why 'Christmas' had to come out of 'Christmas Tree'."
-- John Fletcher, Commander, American Legion, Marlborough, NH
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-- From "Officials ask for word 'Christmas' to be removed from NH town tradition" by Kathryn Burcham, WFXT-TV25 (Boston, MA) 11/30/15

"He wanted me to change it to say "holiday tree lighting" instead," Fletcher told FOX25. "It's not a holiday tree, it's a Christmas tree. If you want a holiday tree, then do it for Valentine's Day, or Columbus Day, or whatever you want."

Fletcher and his wife - who play Santa Claus and Mrs. Claus at the tree lighting - used WhiteOut to remove the word "Christmas" from the flyer but refused to change the actual wording.

"In this case, this political correctness has just gone too far. it's just getting out of hand," Fletcher said.

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From "School district bans the word 'Christmas' from flyer" by Todd Starnes, 12/2/15

[Fletcher] was so upset he wrote a letter to the Sentinel Source – the newspaper of record in that neck of the woods.

“As commander of the American Legion it offends me,” he wrote. “I respect all rights; always have. But do not take away our rights because you may offend someone else.”

I called Superintendent Malay to find out why the word “Christmas” needed to be deleted, but he did not return my message.

Folks, I chatted with at the local school are pretty upset at how Mr. Fletcher was treated. They say the superintendent really ruffled some feathers.

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