Tuesday, December 01, 2015

Fewer Abortions, but Most are Blacks & Hispanics

In a new report, President Obama's Centers for Disease Control and Prevention compiled statistics showing that the number of unborn babies killed in the U.S. continues to decline each year.  The report also shows that well over half of all abortions where race was recorded were on black or Hispanic women, but in New York City, these minorities accounted for over three-quarters of the dead babies.

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-- From "Abortions Decline To Historic Low, Down 4% From Previous Year" by Taylor Tyler, Headline & Global News 11/26/15

The number of abortions performed in the United States hit an historic low in 2012, continuing a 25-year-long gradual decline, according to a new report from the Centers for Disease Control.

About 699,000 abortions were reported to the CDC in 2012 - a 4 percent drop from the year before, or about 31,000 fewer abortions, the CDC said.

"From 2003 to 2012, the total number, rate and ratio of reported abortions decreased 17 percent, 18 percent and 14 percent, respectively, and reached their lowest level in 2012 for the entire period of analysis," the CDC said in its report.

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From "Report: US abortions continue to decline, down 4 pct in 2012" by Mike Stobbe, Associated Press 11/25/15

In 2012, the abortion rate fell 5 percent to 13 abortions per 1,000 women of child-bearing age. That is about half what it was in 1974, the year after the landmark Supreme Court decision that established a nationwide right to abortion.

The CDC data is not a complete national picture. It's based on reports from health departments in 47 states, Washington and New York City. California, Maryland and New Hampshire don't report abortion numbers.

Earlier this year, The Associated Press surveyed health departments in 45 states, gathering more recent data, mostly from 2013 and 2014. The AP found that abortions continued to fall in those years. Declines were seen in states that have passed anti-abortion laws as well as in more liberal states.

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From "CDC Report: 55.4% of Aborted Babies Black or Hispanic" by Michael W. Chapman, CNSNews.com 11/30/15

Among these abortions categorized by race and ethnicity – see Table 12 in the surveillance report – the CDC says there were 148,971 black babies killed by abortion in 2012 (36.7% of the 405,795) and 75,868 Hispanic babies (18.7%).

For whites, there were 152,673 abortions, or 37.6% of the total. In another category labeled “other” there were 28,283 abortions, or 7% of the total. The “other” category includes Asians and Native Americans, as well as ethnicity reported as “unknown.”

The Census Bureau says that blacks make up 13.2% of the U.S. population and Hispanics comprise 17.4% of the population. Combined, blacks and Hispanics make up 30.6% of the population, yet 55.4% of the abortion reported by race were of black and Hispanic babies.

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From "CDC Report: 76.4% of Aborted Babies in NYC Are Black or Hispanic" by Michael W. Chapman, CNSNews.com 11/30/15

The CDC also got numbers from New York City broken down by race: white, black, Hispanic, and other.

In total, there were 70,997 abortions in New York City in 2012. Among those abortions, 31,328 were black babies (44.1%); 22,917 were Hispanic babies (32.3%).

Also, there were 9,704 white babies aborted (13.7%), and 7,048 “Other” babies aborted (9.9%) in New York City in 2012 – the "Other" children were Asian, Native American, or of “unknown” ethnicity.

Blacks make up 25.5% of the population in New York City, according to the Census Bureau, and Hispanics comprise 28.6% of the population. Yet Hispanics and blacks equal 76.4% of the abortions in New York City.

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