Monday, December 14, 2015

Atheists Threaten Indiana School Coach for Prayer

Morristown Elementary School basketball coach Scott Spahr agreed to distance himself from praying students after school officials showed him the threatening letter from attorneys of the American Humanist Association (AHA) accompanied by a photograph of Spahr in an apparent prayer circle in the gym.
"The students will continue to pray.  It's not going to go away."
-- Jason Redd, President, Shelby Eastern School Board

"I don't know a school team that doesn't have a group of kids that pray, whether it's well known, or in secret.  Why are we punishing and taking away the rights of a majority to satisfy the minority? Let's focus on more important issues in our schools that truly need attention."
-- Sarah Kramer Smith, commenting on Shelby Eastern Schools Parent Committee
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FOX News report (video):

-- From "Photo of Elementary School Coach Praying With Players Causes Controversy" by Alexis P. Williams, ABC News 12/11/15

Scott Spahr was photographed standing at center court holding hands and bowing his head in prayer alongside the Morristown Elementary School girls' basketball team and the opposing team from Waldron Elementary on Dec. 1. Principals from both schools received an e-mail from the American Humanist Association last Friday asserting Spahr's presence was "a constitutional violation." Spahr agreed to stop participating in the prayer circle after being notified of the complaints.

Spahr told ABC News that he was "dumbfounded" by the AHA's reaction. He said his students invited him into the circle and that the AHA misinterpreted the incident.

"That's always been a player-led prayer circle," Spahr said.

"We're talking about 10 and 11 year-old-kids and they're confused about the whole issue," Spahr said.

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From "Indiana coach won't pray with team any more" by Dana Hunsinger Benbow, Indianapolis Star 12/9/15

The letter from AHA was sent last week to Morristown Elementary Principal John Corn and Waldron Elementary Principal Christy Merchant, both in the Shelby Eastern district  — and the two teams that played and prayed that night.

"The coach graciously agreed he would step away," [Shelby Eastern Superintendent Robert] Evans said. Spahr was not disciplined in any way and will continue to coach. "I appreciate Scott not wanting this to be a distraction for (the teams)."

Evans denies there was any acknowledgement of a violation, and Spahr couldn't be reached for comment. But he has been writing about the incident on his Facebook page, where the prayer circle photo is now Spahr's cover photo.

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