Monday, December 21, 2015

Jewish Mom Opposes School's Santa Claus Christmas

Parents in San Jose, California are fuming because a "Christmas" event was canceled after Talia, a Jewish mother whose child attends a local elementary school, objected to the school field trip to see Santa Claus because she mistakenly believes that such an event would have anything at all to do with the birth of Jesus Christ, and thus would be a snub on her own family's religious faith.

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-- From "School cancels Santa field trip after mom objects" posted at CBS News 12/18/15

The visit to Santa, along with a "Dear Santa" assignment, was a decade-long tradition at Sartorette Elementary School, part of San Jose's Cambrian School District.

Last week, the Sartorette staff informed parents the school would suspend the outing to see Santa at a local coffee shop after a Jewish mother, who identified herself only as Talia, complained to the school board that the district was celebrating one religion over others.

"It's really scary how one parent can go and voice her opinion and then everything gets shut down," said parent Vanessa Howes.

Cambrian School District Superintendent Carrie Andrews told reporters outside Thursday night's school board meeting that what began as a tradition 10 years ago is not necessarily the right thing to do today.

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From "San Jose parents at odds: Santa field trip canceled after mother complains" by Patrick May, San Jose Mercury News 12/17/15

[Talia] fired off an angry letter Dec. 7 to fellow parents at the charter school, alleging she was "ambushed by a group of moms from Ms. Kay's class" who she said yelled at her for "ruining Santa for the kids."

Talia has released emails of support from a few fellow parents, including one named Katie who wrote: "You didn't ruin Santa for anybody. If parents want their kids to see Santa, they should be doing it on their own time, not on a school field trip."

Talia's emails suggest that she believes having the entire class meet with or write to Santa would be unfair to those children who may see him as a symbol of a Christian holiday they don't believe in. . . .

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