Saturday, November 21, 2015

U.S. Schools Force Islamic Terror Singing, Posters

Parents across America are now attuned to politically correct Islamic indoctrination, and that means their local public schools can't get away with:  forced singing of Islamic fight songs and praise to Allah by seventh-graders at Spring View Middle School in Huntington Beach, California; forced drawing of Islamic terrorist banners at Salem (Utah) Junior High School, in the Nebo School District; and forced listening to Islamic preaching at Barron Collier High School, in Naples, Florida.
“I believe that by singing this song, the children feel comfortable believing that maybe Allah is the only god, and maybe that they should start following him.  And that I’m not OK with.”
-- Susan Negron, grandparent of student taught song

“I feel like [the Islamic preaching] was being hidden from us.”
-- Jennifer Mansfield, Florida parent
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-- From "Parents Speak Out After Teacher Presents Song About Islam To Seventh-Graders" posted at KCBS-TV2 (Los Angeles, CA) 11/17/15

The teacher says she was trying to teach her seventh-grade class about the religion of Islam by using a catchy tune.

Using the melody of the song “This Is My Fight Song,” the teacher applied custom lyrics, such as:

“Like a sandstorm in the desert, sending camels into motion, like how a single faith can make a heart open, they might only have one god, but they can make an explosion.”

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From "Huntington Beach school district apologizes for use of song about Islam" by Megan Nicolai, Staff Writer, Orange County Register 11/19/15

On Tuesday, Nichole Negron posted pictures on a Huntington Beach community Facebook page showing pictures from a notebook her son brought home with drawings and song lyrics that included a stick-figure man saying, “Believe in Allah! There is no other god” and lyrics to a song that described spreading Islam. District officials said the lesson took place before Friday’s terrorist attacks in Paris.

The Ocean View district issued a statement Wednesday from Superintendent Carol Hansen saying a school administrator and the teacher met with the family Tuesday.

Ojaala Ahmad, communications coordinator for the Los Angeles office of the Council on American-Islamic Relations, said while she didn’t know the teacher’s intentions behind using the song in her lesson on Islam, words in the lyrics like “explosion” were unfortunate. They might perpetuate an idea that terrorism or violence are supported by the religion, she said.

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From "Utah School Apologizes for Terrorism Poster Assignment" by Michelle L. Price, Associated Press 11/19/15

A Utah school apologized Thursday for a classroom assignment in which students were asked to create a propaganda poster for a group such as Islamic State to understand the goals and methods of terror groups.

School officials were first alerted to the assignment when parents complained.

The worksheet said the purpose of the poster was "to help students understand the goals of terrorist groups and the methods they use to gain support."

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From "Utah school realizes it shouldn’t ask students to make terrorist propaganda posters" by Sarah Larimer, Washington Post 11/20/15

The front of the assignment worksheet listed “8 Reasons Young Muslims Join ISIS.”

CBS affiliate KUTV posted pictures of the assignment worksheet, which mentioned the Islamic State, and told students to create a “neat, colored, professional” poster.

“We shouldn’t be talking about how ISIS recruits, we should be discussing the events of what they have caused to figure a way of how to deter that and how to help better the world,” said the parent, Annie Langston, according to ABC News. “I thought this isn’t right, not right now.”

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From "Barron Collier parent says school hid Islamic preaching" By Lucas Seiler, Reporter, WBBH-TV2 (Fort Myers, FL) 11/19/15

A group of AP honors students were listening to a world-renowned expert, Omer Taspinar, discuss U.S.-Turkey relations. The district says three parents have mistaken a conversation that happened at the end of the event as promoting Islam.

[Parent Jennifer] Mansfield said her son listened to a Muslim man preach Islam, talk about the Paris terrorist attacks and how the United States needs to accept Syrian refugees.

"He thought that we as the U.S. should open our borders," she said. "He mentioned the horrific tragedy in Paris and how ISIS is not representative of Islam, but a radical perversion of it. You cannot walk into a school and speak about religious beliefs and what yours are."

[School spokesperson Greg Turchetta responded,] "When educated students begin asking educated questions at the end... and somebody asks [Mr. Taspinar] an enlightened questions, he's going to give him an answer."

Mansfield, though, says the fact that an expert on Muslim relations talked to students equates to preaching Islam. And she says the same would be the case if an expert on Christianity spoke to students during school hours.

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