Monday, November 02, 2015

Citizens Demand Prayer in School: North Carolina

Hundreds of citizens packed school board meetings of the Cleveland County Schools in Shelby, North Carolina relentlessly in recent weeks because the board has lamented its fears of atheist lawsuits if God Almighty were to be uttered in public school board meetings.
"A society that has allowed prayer to be removed from public places cannot produce good leaders."
-- Rodney Fitch, Cleveland County Christian Law Enforcement Association

"I think it’s time to say enough to the wholesale removal of religious speech."
-- Greg McIntyre, local attorney

"We think God should be in our lives, and in everything we do. And we are seeing these progressives try to slowly remove everything that what we feel our forefathers fought for."
-- Capt. Joel Shores, Cleveland County Sheriff’s Office
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-- From "Cleveland board studies prayer option" by The Associated Press 10/14/15

Cleveland County school board Chairman Phillip Glover told WBTV that board members decided to do the moment of silence so lawsuits wouldn’t come their way.

“With all the budget issues that we have,” Glover said, “could you justify spending that kind of money to fight a fight that you probably won’t win anyhow with the high courts?”

Board member Danny Blanton said he believed prayer should override lawsuits.

“If we get a lawsuit brought against us,” Blanton said, “for having prayer and praying for our children and our schools, and our teachers — then bring that lawsuit on.”

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From "Cleveland County school board to keep moment of silence at meetings" by Dedrick Russell, Charlotte Observer 10/13/15

A divided Cleveland County School Board voted 8-2 Monday night to continue opening its meetings with a moment of silence, not prayers.

Members from the Cleveland County Christian Law Enforcement Association addressed the group about praying before every school board meeting.

The conversation began when officers talked at one of their gatherings and found out every governmental entity in Cleveland County prays before its meeting except the school board.

[Capt. Joel] Shores told WBTV he believed the moment of silence already observed is not good enough. “It’s time for Christians to stand up,” Shores said.

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From "Cleveland County residents continue to push school board for prayer at meetings" by Alex Giles, Charlotte Observer 10/27/15

The board met again Monday night. This time, the meeting was held at Shelby Middle School to accommodate those who wanted to attend.

Several residents spoke during the public comments portion of the meeting. Many continued to advocate for prayer at the beginning of meetings.

No decisions were made by the board. They noted that lawyers are crafting a new policy that board members can review at the next meeting.

“I’m a true believer and believe in the power of prayer, and I’m just anxious to see the work from our attorney and see what comes up,” said Glover.

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From "Prayer policy to get first read at Nov. 9 work session: Shelby Middle gym crowded as issue debated" by Casey White, Shelby Star 10/26/15

[At Monday's Board meeting,] Superintendent Stephen Fisher updated the board on the progress made by the district’s attorney.

At Monday’s meeting, several students, attorneys, elected officials, law enforcement officers and other members of the community spoke in favor of beginning the meetings with prayer.

“Some may ask ‘what is wrong with a moment of silence?’” said Rodney Fitch of the Cleveland County Sheriff's Office and the Cleveland County Christian Law Enforcement Association . “When we think about a moment of silence we think of a tragedy occurring or remembering someone who has died. Let me assure you, God is not dead.”

Tony Brown spoke on behalf of members of the Foothills Interfaith Assembly, a group with members of different religious backgrounds who share beliefs in an effort to better understand other religions and strengthen community bonds. Brown, a Wiccan, spoke about Lincoln County Commissioners voting to end religious invocations before their meetings after a man opened with a Muslim prayer in August.

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From "School board votes to look into policies and guidelines of prayer at meetings" by Casey White, Shelby Star 10/12/15

The moment of silence at Monday’s school board meeting was anything but silent. As Board Chairman Phillip Glover called for the usual moment of silence, an audience member began to recite the Lord’s Prayer and many in the the standing-room-only crowd quickly joined in.

The board voted in favor of [the "moment of silence"] motion in a 7-2 vote. Board members Donnie Thurman Jr. and Danny Blanton voted against the motion, as they preferred a motion that would more clearly move the board towards prayer. Board members Glover, Hamrick, Roger Harris, Kathy Falls, Richard Hooker, Shearra Miller and Jerry Hoyle all voted in favor of the motion.

Jerry Hoyle worried about potential lawsuits and their cost, and stated that he did not want to give members of non-Christian faiths a platform to speak or pray in front school children at the meetings.

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