Thursday, November 19, 2015

Babies Dumped in Landfill: S.C. Abortionists Fined

Planned Parenthood and two other abortion clinics face fines by the South Carolina public health agency for violations of regulations concerning the disposal of aborted fetuses (a.k.a. dead babies).
“Nothing is more important to us than the health and safety of our patients.”
-- Jenny Black, Planned Parenthood South Atlantic
For background, read South Carolina Abortion Clinic Licenses Suspended for Statutory Violations and “Callous Treatment of Human Life”

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-- From "Abortion clinics face new fines; investigations uncover no criminal actions" by Maya T. Prabhu, The Post and Courier (Charleston, SC) 11/12/15

Catherine Heigel, head of the Department of Health and Environmental Control, said the agency proposed fines ranging from $2,200 to $21,150 for the state’s three abortion clinics and two waste-disposal companies after DHEC found the clinics were violating state regulations. The cited violations include paperwork issues and fetuses being sterilized with steam and taken to a landfill, rather than incinerated as required by law.

Planned Parenthood has previously called the investigations part of a national witch hunt by conservative Republicans.

State officials also are looking into whether Medicaid money is being used for abortions.

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From "State agency issuing more fines against abortion clinics" by Seanna Adcox, Associated Press 11/12/15

A report released by the Legislative Audit Council in May found the [DHEC] agency hadn’t consistently inspected the clinics as required by law and had imposed no penalties for violations, with the exception of an expired license.

Heigel, who took the DHEC’s helm a month later, said Thursday the agency has better trained staff and changed how inspections are conducted, including joint inspections by the agency’s infectious waste and health divisions.

“We are substantially better positioned to effectively regulate these facilities,” she said. “At the end of the day, our role as regulator is to protect the health and safety of patients who use these facilities.”

As for the Sept. 11 suspension orders, DHEC lifted sanctions Sept. 28 against the Greenville Women’s Clinic after it addressed its six violations, paid a $2,750 fine and submitted proof of staff training. Planned Parenthood paid a $7,500 penalty for 21 cited violations and submitted correction plans by the Sept. 28 deadline but asked DHEC to reconsider some of the violations, putting the suspension on hold. The cited violations included incomplete staff records and abortions performed sooner than 60 minutes after an ultrasound.

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