Sunday, November 15, 2015

Calif. Mayor Calls City Prayer Vigil for Solutions

Stockton, California Mayor Anthony Silva will be hosting a 12-hour citywide prayer rally tomorrow to call on God Almighty for guidance in efforts to counteract gang violence and improve economic development.
"[Prayer] Gives hope to a city. It’s ok to pray and root for your city to succeed"
-- Mayor Anthony Silva
UPDATE 1/19/16: Mississippi Capital Police Chief Leads City Prayer Meetings

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-- From "Stockton Mayor Prepares for 12-Hour Prayer for Reduced Violence at City Hall" by Kay Recede, KTXL-TV40 (Sacramento, CA) 11/13/15

Mayor Silva, along with with 24 congregations throughout Stockton, will meet on the steps of city hall and pray on Monday. Pray for peace and for hope, “You can’t stop the evil that’s gonna take place. You know, that’s taking place, but through prayer we believe that we’re able to push back,” Pastor Armando Peraza with Victory Outreach said.

Pastor Peraza’s congregation, Victory Outreach, will be one of the group’s in attendance, “Because we know that prayer can change things,” the pastor explained.

Every 30 minutes a different group will lead in prayer for a city where violence is notorious and knows no bounds. Prayer knows no prejudice, unfortunately neither does violence. . . . “There’s power in unity and we come together as a community and begin to pray for the city it shows a force in our city,” the pastor told us.

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From "Stockton mayor seeks 12 hours of prayer" by Roger Phillips, Stockton Record Staff Writer 11/14/15

“It’s significant because we’re bringing a city together of 310,000 diverse residents who all have different religious beliefs, but with those different beliefs there are common goals we can all agree on,” Silva said.

Silva also announced he will be hosting a town-hall meeting Nov. 30 “to have a serious discussion about Stockton’s past, present and future” and to talk about “the good, the bad and the ugly.”

“We have to start to change the narrative of Stockton,” Silva said. “Every time you hear the name ‘Stockton,’ people’s eyebrows are raised. We have to change the narrative so they are always saying something positive when they are speaking of Stockton.”

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