Friday, November 20, 2015

Satanists Join Muslims in Minnesota & California

In the wake of Islamic terrorists killing and wounding hundreds in Paris, the Satanic Temple chapters in Minneapolis and San Jose are reaching out to local Muslims offering to protect them from (non-existent) ruthless American infidels.
“If there is anyone in the Minneapolis area who is Muslim and afraid to leave their home out of fear for some kind of backlash, don't hesitate to reach out to us.  We would be glad to escort you where you need to go without advertising our presence -- just big dudes walking you where you need to be.”
-- Satanists of Minneapolis (Facebook post)

“I don't live in Minneapolis, but as an American Muslim, I'm glad to see you guys take up this effort and help out a marginalized group. Thank you for doing this and building bridges between communities.”
-- Facebook reply comment
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-- From "Satanic Temple Offers To Protect Muslims Fearing Backlash In Minneapolis And San Jose" by Ismat Sarah Mangla, International Business Times 11/19/15

Muslims in Minneapolis and San Jose, California, are receiving support from an unlikely ally: the Satanic Temple. The Minneapolis and San Jose chapters of the national organization, which describes itself as a group that “facilitates the communication and mobilization of politically aware Satanists, secularists and advocates for individual liberty,” posted to their website and Facebook pages offering to protect local Muslims who might be experiencing backlash after last Friday’s terror attacks.

Since the Minneapolis chapter extended the offer on Wednesday, the Facebook post has been shared more than 2,700 times and has been “liked” by more than 3,000 people. The San Jose chapter posted the same thing to its Facebook page on Tuesday.

“We are happy to be of service to our community. Unfortunately, we’ve had no takers as of yet,” Curt Landsman, a representative of the Minneapolis chapter, told International Business Times in an email. “We are doing this out of genuine care for our fellow men and women and not as a publicity stunt. We feel that statistically speaking, gun toting fundamentalist Christians are a much bigger threat than Muslims in our own community who have lived peacefully here for years.”

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From "Friendly Satanists Offer Protection for Muslim Neighbors Afraid of Post-Paris Repercussions" by Rafi Schwartz, GOOD Magazine 11/20/15

Since posting their offers earlier this week, both Satanist groups have been inundated with messages of support from well-wishers, and those inspired by the gesture. Writes one commenter: “I'm a Transgender, Israeli Jew and if I were in Minneapolis I would take you up on this. Thank you for your kindness. What good people you are.” Says another: “What a lovely gesture! As a Muslim and a human, thanks dudes!” All told, the offers have racked up thousands of likes and shares across Facebook.

. . . the Satanist groups’ offer of protection makes perfect sense coming from a faith who—despite their demonic-sounding name—focuses on “encourag[ing] benevolence and empathy among all people, reject[ing] tyrannical authority, advocate practical common sense and justice, and be[ing] directed by the human conscience to undertake noble pursuits guided by the individual will.”

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