Monday, August 03, 2015

Teenage 'Boy' Harvests Eggs to be Mother & 'Father'

18-year-old Nicole Carman has her heart set on being a mother, but first she plans to pretend to be a man — permanently!  Therefore, before she has her healthy ovaries and uterus ripped from her body, she is undergoing medical procedures to extract her eggs and freeze them so, at some time in the future, some other woman can serve as surrogate mother while "Cole" Carman will pretend to be the father (but actually will be the mother).
As reported:
Because Carman was so certain fatherhood was in his future, he researched the procedure, talked to his doctors and parents about it, and finally decided to go ahead.
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-- From "This Transgender Teen Froze His Eggs Before Transitioning" by Jack Linshi, Time Magazine 8/2/15

An 18-year-old transgender man shared on Saturday his story of freezing his eggs prior to beginning hormone therapy, one of the first transgender teens to have done so, according to his doctor.

In a profile in People, Cole Carman said his doctor had introduced the possibility of freezing his eggs in January, when he was about to start testosterone therapy following his double mastectomy. “I already knew I wanted kids, so to say yes and make that decision was a no-brainer,” he said.

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From "Meet 18-Year-Old Cole Carman, One of the First Transgender Teens to Freeze Eggs Before Transitioning" by Christina Butan, People Magazine

The teen, who hails from the San Francisco area, had first started looking into transgender issues when he was 12, but didn't really understand what it meant to be transgender. He came to a better understanding of the definition last year.

[Carman's] parents funded the entire procedure, which cost about $13,000. Carman advises other teens in his situation to think very carefully about how personally important it is to have biological children.

"It's a lot of money and there are other ways," he said. "You should think, how important would it be that your child is related to you? That would be the biggest factor to play in into making the decision."

"It's a journey and an emotional roller coaster ride," [Carman's adoptive mother] C.J. said. "But I think it's really important for parents to understand that [the surgeries] aren't something that's a choice, they're a necessity. Love your child, be open minded and get information."

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From "Teen Is Among the First in the Country to Freeze Eggs Before Transitioning" by Hannah Orenstein, Seventeen Magazine 7/29/15

The issue is particularly personal for Cole, who was adopted at five and half weeks old by a couple who couldn't have biological children.

"My husband and I have been really supportive of her and it seemed like a very important issue because, you know, who doesn't want children that are part of them?" Cole's mother C.J. told  NBC Bay Area. "My husband and I could never have children so I understand how that feels."

The procedure was successful, and Cole is optimistic for the future. He's heading off to college in the fall and wants to one day be an advocate for LGBT rights. He is now taking weekly testosterone injections and recently underwent top surgery.

Fertility expert Dr. Aimee Eyvazzadeh, who treated Cole, says that he is among the first trans teens in the country to freeze his eggs before undergoing male hormone replacement therapy. The timing is important because once Cole began taking testosterone, his ovaries began shutting down, making it difficult to harvest eggs in the future.

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From "Transgender Teen, 18, Undergoes Rare Surgery So He Can Be a Dad One Day" by Esther Crain, Writer, Yahoo Parenting 7/30/15

When 18-year-old Cole Carman made the decision to transition from female to male late last year, the San Francisco-area teen knew that he would be in for major surgery and hormone therapy.

That didn’t stop Carman, a recent high school grad set to start college in the fall, from signing on for another potentially risky medical procedure: egg retrieval. It’s a fairly routine (yet still major) surgery, typically undertaken by egg donors and some women undergoing in-vitro fertilization.

“Some transgender people who realized after gender reassignment surgery that they wanted kids of their own had no chance, because they already had their reproductive organs removed,” Dr. Aimee Eyvazzadeh, a fertility specialist in San Ramon, Calif., told Yahoo Parenting.

“Others who didn’t have ‘bottom’ [sex-reassignment] surgery still had difficulty, because after years of testosterone therapy, their ovaries would shut down and would not reawaken to create any viable eggs, or the eggs would be low quality,” she said.

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