Saturday, August 15, 2015

HIV Rates Soar — Florida #1 in Anal Sex Disease

Florida has the greatest number of new cases of HIV in the nation, and consistent with federal disease control agency data, 13- to 24-year-old males account for most of the new infections; but are older men the source?
"Part of the reason we are seeing new infections in older group of men who have sex with men is what I would actually term a kind of 'gay mid-life crisis' . . . becoming more sexually active."
-- Dr. Michael Wohlfeiler, Chief of Medicine, AIDS Healthcare Foundation
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-- From "New HIV cases on the rise in Florida" by Vicente Arenas, CBS News 8/14/15

Health officials in Florida are seeing a resurgence in HIV cases, especially among adolescents and young adults. After three decades of medical advances against the potentially-deadly virus, it's on the rise again. The Sunshine State now ranks number one with new cases.

Health officials also say up to 60 percent of teens and young adults who are infected don't know they are HIV positive -- and are unknowingly spreading the disease.

The AIDS Foundation is now trying to create a more aggressive media campaign to remind people that the benefits of safe sex far outweigh the risks of the disease.

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From "New HIV cases soar in Florida" by Dan Sweeney, Sun Sentinel 7/24/15

The number of reported HIV cases in Florida has jumped 23 percent so far this year, the biggest increase in a continuing upward trend that began in 2012 after several years of decreases.

The most common way in which the disease is contracted is still through male-to-male sexual contact, according to the state health department. That accounted for 78 percent of all new cases in Florida in 2014, a percentage that has risen significantly since 2012, which keeps with national trends.

An "other" category, which includes people who get the disease through blood transfusions or from birth by an HIV-infected mother, has dropped to almost nothing.

According to the U.S. Centers for Disease Control, the annual cost for treating a single case of HIV is more than $25,000. With HIV-positive people now living longer lives, that means the cost over a lifetime can come close to $1 million.

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