Friday, August 14, 2015

Mayor Tells Atheists Nativity Scene Stays in Place

The Wisconsin-based Freedom From Religion Foundation (FFRF) has threatened the people of Belen, New Mexico with legal action if the decades-old nativity scene isn't immediately removed from the city park, but the mayor and the citizens are preparing to take the battle to the highest court to keep the city's namesake in place.
"My first reaction was seething anger. . . . Our town was named Belen for a reason, because our founders wanted it to be named after Bethlehem and of course, what happened in Bethlehem was the birth of Christ, which is something we've expressed since our founding."
-- Mayor Jerah Cordova
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-- From "Belen Nativity scene could land city in legal trouble" by Megan Cruz, KOAT-TV7 (Albuquerque NM) 8/13/15

The Freedom from Religion Foundation says it was contacted by a concerned local resident and, after reviewing the situation, it agrees: the Nativity scene on government property is unconstitutional because it's not a separation of church and state.

"Where does it stop?" Cordova asked. "If we don't stand up for the Nativity scene in the heart of Belen, next will they be asking us to change our name?"

Cordova anticipates the foundation will sue the city. He says Belen is ready to go to court.

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From "Nativity scene under scrutiny for religious tone" by Clara Garcia, Valencia County News Bulletin 8/12/15

Believing a lawsuit might be filed regarding the Nativity scene, Cordova said the city will do everything necessary to fight the FFRF. He said no one has ever complained to him personally about the display, saying he believes local people understand that the city’s name, Belen, means Bethlehem.

“There’s no doubt that the city is going to fight, and fight hard to protect our name and the display,” Cordova said. “There’s only one thing that people know about Bethlehem and that’s where Christ was born and that’s what the Nativity represents.”

The Nativity scene was originally erected in 1992 after the Tabet family received approval from the then-city council for the display. Philip Tabet said he, his uncles and aunt hired an artist to create the metal Nativity scene to be placed at what is known as the Theresa Tabet Park, in honor of his grandmother.

Tabet said the park had been dedicated to his grandmother about 40 years ago for the volunteer work she did for the city. On a plaque which accompanies the Nativity scene, it says, “In recognition from Keep New Mexico Beautiful, Inc., to board member Theresa Tabet for years of outstanding service.”

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