Sunday, August 16, 2015

Conn. Taxpayers Teach Men How to Talk Like Women

Although no one can change their DNA, hormones and repeated sex-change surgeries, along with tons of makeup and carefully chosen clothing, can fool people into believing a man appears to be a woman — that is, until he opens his mouth to speak.  However, speech-language pathologists funded by Connecticut taxpayers are improving the odds of fooling most of the people most of the time.
"You can be well kept, present well, but if your voice is masculine, you get pegged right away."
-- Sylvia Wojcik, a 66-year-old Connecticut man who pretends to be a woman

"In order for a man to become a woman … he has to take female hormones, have radical surgery on his genitalia, have breast augmentation surgery, take voice lessons (or either voluntarily change his vocal patterns), undergo various forms of cosmetic surgery, grow his hair to a woman’s length and then style his hair to a woman’s style, and then he must begin dressing in women’s apparel and using women’s accessories. After having done all that – he still has man shoulders, man hands, man hips, a man beard (unless he undergoes massive electrolysis therapy), and his DNA still screams 'male!'"
-- Pastor Carl Gallups
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-- From "Finding their voice: Speech clinic helps transgender clients" by The Associated Press 8/7/15

Speech pathologists at the University of Connecticut . . . Speech and Hearing Clinic offers speech therapy to teach transgender people how to develop a voice that matches the sex they identify with.

Clients spend about an hour a week in group sessions and another 90 minutes in one-on-one work with speech and language pathologists.

Clinic director Wendy Chase says it’s more involved than simply changing a voice’s pitch. She says clients work on everything from resonance to delivery to hand gestures.

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From "UConn speech clinic joins growing ranks of those helping transgender clients find their voice" by Pat Eaton-Robb, Associated Press 8/7/15

The program at UConn is in its fourth year, with about a dozen people participating at any one time. The typical participant will spend an hour a week in a group session, and another 1 1/2 hours working one on one with a speech pathologist.

They learn not only how to change the pitch of their voice, but also its resonance (males speak more from chest, women from the head) and delivery (men tend to be more staccato, women more fluid).

Literature in the field dates back 50 years, but until the past 20 years only a handful of people were doing voice work with transgender people, and the work is still in its infancy, Chase said.

UConn charges clients $192 for a voice evaluation to determine what needs to be changed. It's then $10 per session for individual treatment and $25 per semester for the group sessions.

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From "Taxpayers pay for transgender men to speak like women" posted at World Net Daily 8/15/15

The University of Connecticut receives aid from taxpayers but is currently facing a financial crisis, despite a recent $10.9 million increase in support from the state. The university has a deficit of more than $18 million, and President Susan Herbst argues the school will be forced to make cuts unless the government provides additional money.

The university is also reeling from the loss of millions of dollars in grants from the National Science Foundation, a government agency responsible for funding a large share of scientific research performed at American college and universities.

The federal government suspended more than $4 million in grants after two professors at the university were accused of using grant money to make no-bid purchases of equipment from companies they controlled without reporting the conflict of interest.

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