Thursday, August 06, 2015

'Humanized Mice' Created via Abortion: Gay Agenda

President Obama's National Institutes of Health (NIH) have documented their construction of hybrid beings they call “humanized mice” using harvested livers and thymuses from babies killed by abortionists.  The end goal is to eliminate the health risks associated with male homosexual behavior. (Studies show that anal sex is the main cause of the HIV/AIDS pandemic.)
“We also use ‘humanized’ mice, mice that contain human immune systems, as a model to study immune responses to HIV infection and to help us determine the basic mechanisms of vaccine protection against acute and chronic retroviral infections. The goal of these studies is to develop new ideas for HIV vaccines and therapies.”
-- Laboratory of Persistent Viral Diseases, Rocky Mountain Laboratories, NIAID, NIH
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-- From "U.S. Government Made ‘Humanized’ Mice With Tissue from Babies 17- to 22-Weeks Gestational Age" by Terence P. Jeffrey, 8/5/15

This story starts on April 24, 2014, when the Journal of Immunological Methods published an article with a technically worded title. It was: “Production of bone marrow, liver, thymus (BLT) humanized mice on the C57BL/6 Rag2-/-?c-/-CD47-/- background.”

The “humanized” rodent that these government researchers describe making is called the TKO-BLT mouse—with TKO standing for triple knockout (representing changes in the mouse’s system) and BLT standing for bone marrow, liver and thymus.

They indicated that the human tissue donors [a.k.a BABIES!] were at 17 to 22 weeks gestational age and that their tissue was provided to the researchers by Advanced Bioscience Resources, which is a non-profit organization located in Alameda, Calif.

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