Saturday, May 02, 2015

Georgia Teacher Ousted—Taught Obama's Pro-abortion

Nancy Perry, a veteran teacher at Dublin (Georgia) Middle School, was forced to take early retirement because she informed students of President Obama's public support for abortion including his votes taken and speeches made, as an Illinois legislator, against the Born-Alive Infants Protection Act arguing in favor of infanticide.
"It is not the place of teachers to attempt to persuade students about religious or political beliefs."
-- Supt. Chuck Ledbetter, Dublin City Schools
For background, read of Barack Obama's opposition to protection for infants born alive during abortion procedures, and also listen to Barack Obama argue that abortionists can be trusted to care for live babies born during an attempted abortion (audio):

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-- From "Ga. teacher removed from class after criticizing Obama" by Kevin Holmes, WJCL-TV22 (Savannah, GA) & The Associated Press 4/28/15

The Dublin Courier Herald reported that city schools superintendent Chuck Ledbetter announced Nancy Perry has also been removed from the classroom for the rest of the year. A student’s parents spoke out after hearing that Perry told the class Obama is Muslim and Christians shouldn’t support him.

Perry’s husband is also a member of the city’s school board and attended a parent-teacher conference after the parents complained. Ledbetter says school principals are required to call the superintendent if any board member asks to sit in on parent-teacher meetings. Ledbetter says the district apologizes for the teacher’s husband appearing at the parent-teacher conference.

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From "Georgia teacher to retire after blasting Obama to students" by The Associated Press 4/28/15

Ledbetter said Perry was already planning on retiring before a student's parents accused the teacher in March of telling her class Obama is Muslim and Christians shouldn't support him.

Jimmie Scott, the father who initially complained about Perry, addressed the community at the meeting, saying his family had been ridiculed and had racial slurs thrown at them. Scott is black and Perry is white.

"We've lost loved ones in the community because a line was drawn," Scott said. "Either you were for my son or you were for the teacher."

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From "Female middle school teacher forced to resign after telling students that President Obama is a 'Muslim baby killer'" by David Mccormack, Associated Press Reporter, posted at 4/29/15

A 12-year-old boy in Perry's class brought the matter to the attention of his father, Jimmie Scott, who complained to the school.

Scott said he immediately requested a parent-teacher conference to which Perry brought along her husband Bill, who sits on the county Board of Education.

Instead of discussing Nancy Perry's classroom comments, Scott says that she and her husband showed him what he described as internet propaganda.

'She showed it to me and said, "See, Obama is a baby killer. He aborts babies at nine months old as they're coming through the birth canal."'

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From "Dublin teacher who called Obama ‘anti-Christian’ removed from class" by Ernie Suggs, Atlanta Journal Constitution 4/28/15

. . . Parents protested and the NAACP called for sanctions against Perry.

. . . NAACP officials had threatened to involve the Southern Association of Colleges and Schools, an accrediting agency, arguing that Bill Perry was “micromanaging” the schools.

Although Perry has said that she never made the comments, at the meeting, according to the NAACP, she “presented to the parents a packet of several pages from a website that expressed her views on religion and politics. … The parents’ concern was exacerbated by the teacher’s unwillingness to even consider the possibility that her classroom conduct was not conducive to a healthy learning environment.”

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