Friday, May 08, 2015

All Women's College Accepts Cross-dressing Men

Smith College, the ages-old prestigious all-women college in Northampton, Massachusetts, just announced that it will enroll men who pretend to be women (no physical/medical/surgical "sex change" needed), but will NOT accept actual, biological females who pretend to be men, but if current women students decide to pretend to be men, they may complete their education while identifying as men.
"I hereby make the following provisions for the establishment and maintenance of an Institution for the higher education of young women, with the design to furnish for my own sex means and facilities for education equal to those which are afforded now in our colleges to young men."
-- Sophia Smith, 1871 college benefactor (from her bequeathment)
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-- From "Smith College to accept transgender women" by Mary Bowerman, USA TODAY 5/4/15

The policy change comes after a year of study that included reviewing the college admissions policy and "society's evolving understanding of gender," Smith President Kathleen McCartney and Board Chair Elizabeth Mugar Eveillard said in a statement.

The college said it will not accept applications from transgender men who were born female, though students who transition during their time at Smith will not be affected. The college will make admission decisions based on gender identification or whether an applicant selects female as the gender on the application.

The board's decision "affirms Smith's unwavering mission and identity as a women's college, our commitment to representing the diversity of women's lived experiences," the college said in the statement.

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From "All-Women College Moves To Admit Those Born As Men" by Blake Neff, Contributor, Daily Caller 5/4/15

Notably, the new policy also opens the school to “gender non-binary” students, those who claim they are part of a third gender, all genders, or no genders at all. At the same time, however, Smith’s FAQ regarding the new policy says these individuals must also identify as women, leaving it unclear how this openness will be applied in practice.

A transgender individual is one who identifies with a gender different from their biological sex. A biological male doesn’t necessarily have to have received sex-reassignment surgery or even hormone treatments in order to be considered a transgendered female, meaning that some of the college’s newly-admitted trans students could be decidedly male in their physical attributes.

Smith isn’t the first women’s college to loosen its standards regarding who qualifies as a woman. Mount Holyoke College announced it would start admitting the transgendered last fall, and Wellesley College made a similar announcement two months ago.

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