Thursday, May 21, 2015

Father & Son 'Marry' Legally in Pennsylvania

Homosexuals Norman MacArthur and Bill Novak, both in their 70s, became father and son in 2000 when Novak adopted MacArthur for estate planning purposes, but now that "gay marriage" is legal in their state of residence, they will now become "husband and husband."
“Not only does it pave the way for this couple to obtain a marriage license, it is an important precedent for others who may be in the same position.”
-- Attorney Clemons, Richter & Reiss
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-- From "'Father' To Marry 'Son' In Bucks County -- With Court's Blessing" by Kara Seymour, Patch Staff 5/20/15

The same-sex couple, who have been together for more than 50 years, registered as domestic partners in New York City in 1994. After moving to Bucks County, they learned that Pennsylvania law does not recognize domestic partners and prohibits same sex marriages.

They were advised by a lawyer that the only avenue to becoming legally related was through adoption. “It was the only legal method we could use in Pennsylvania to give underpinning to our relationship,” MacArthur said.

The pair’s Petition to Vacate Adoption Decree was granted on May 14, allowing them to marry. This is the first case in Pennsylvania history seeking to vacate an adoption to allow a same sex couple to marry, their lawyer Terry Clemons said.

Clemons said the approach of using adoption to gain rights was not uncommon around the turn of the century as same-sex couples were navigating estate planning and access to medical care.

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From "'Father' to marry 'son,' with court's blessing!" posted at World Net Daily 5/20/15

When the United States District Court declared unconstitutional Pennsylvania’s marriage laws prohibiting same-sex marriage unconstitutional in 2014, Novak and MacArthur wanted to tie the knot in marriage, but their earlier legal gambit now became an obstacle. Pennsylvania law doesn’t permit marriage between parents and children.

So, a week ago, the father and son’s Petition to Vacate Adoption Decree was approved, and the pair simply became two single men now allowed to marry.

“We are ecstatic beyond belief,” MacArthur said. “I feel an enormous sense of not only relief but freedom that we can finally do something in Pennsylvania that I’ve been dreaming of for years.”

The pair has been given a marriage license and is planning a summer wedding.

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