Friday, May 01, 2015

Wisc. Catholic College Welcomes Abortion Feminist

Despite objections by thousands of alumni, students, and even Bishop David Ricken, President Thomas Kunkel at St. Norbert College in De Pere, Wisconsin invited pro-abortion, anti-family activist Gloria Steinem to speak Tuesday night because, as Kunkel said, it's important that students see and hear, in person, those who oppose Church teachings.
“. . . the connection of abortion rights to the feminist agenda is a sad one and calls into question the logic” of inviting Steinem.
-- Bishop David Ricken, Diocese of Green Bay

“Why are the same groups against lesbians and birth control? The patriarchal system… controls reproduction and says it’s only moral and okay when sexuality... can end in reproduction. And everything else is wrong. That means sexual expression between two men or two women, it means women’s ability to control it ourselves [is wrong].”
-- Gloria Steinem
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-- From "Gloria Steinem speaks at St. Norbert College" by Kelly Schlicht, WLUK-TV11 (Green Bay, WI) 4/22/15

Kunkel says regardless of the religious affiliation, a college should present all sides of an argument.

“I respect where people are coming from on this. But we feel that we are a college and part of what we do is you have people from all walks come to campus. It doesn’t mean that you necessarily endorse everything they say or what they stand for,” said Kunkel.

When asked [Tuesay night] how she became a feminist, Steinem recounted covering an abortion hearing as a journalist in the 1960s.

“Why is it illegal, why is it dangerous, who owns women’s bodies,” said Steinem.

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From "Catholic college gives abortion-rights icon higher billing than pro-life speaker" by Kate Hardiman, University of Notre Dame, posted at The College Fix 4/29/15

Steinem, who has stated that her own abortion at 22 was a positive experience and said abortion would be considered a “sacrament” if men got pregnant, was invited by St. Norbert to speak about domestic violence.

TFP Student Action, a project of the American Society for the Defense of Tradition, Family and Property, tried to get St. Norbert to cancel Steinem’s appearance by circulating a petition that drew nearly 28,000 signatures.

“How on earth can a woman like Gloria Steinem who has such a public pro-abortion and anti-Catholic record be invited to give a lecture at a Catholic institute [sic], which ought to be a cornerstone in the defense of innocent life and moral values?” the group said.

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From "Green Bay Catholic bishop opposes Gloria Steinem visit" by Patti Zarling, Green Bay Press-Gazette 1/31/15

"Even though Gloria Steinem has appeared at St. Norbert College before my time as the bishop of this diocese, and acknowledging that she has appeared at other Catholic colleges and universities, I do not approve of the appearance of Gloria Steinem at St. Norbert College," the bishop's statement says. "I have conveyed my strong disapproval to the abbot, the president of the college and the chair of the board."

[Bishop David] Ricken said. "Her whole career and life is a grand affirmation of the pro-abortion movement. These types of approaches are outdated, tired and confusing ways to approach these issues, especially given the fact that the Catholic Church has new approaches to women's issues that are fresh, life-giving and highly respectful of the human person."

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From "Feminist Steinem Touts Abortion, Ridicules Church at St. Norbert College" by Kimberly Scharfenberger, The Cardinal Newman Society 4/29/15

Abortion advocacy, support for euthanasia and applause for excommunicated and “ordained” women priests—such were the highlights of last week’s “dialogue” with radical feminists Gloria Steinem and Bell Hooks on the Catholic campus of St. Norbert College in De Pere, Wis.

Nevertheless the College went forward, and the activists’ dialogue, titled “Talking Together: A Legacy of Solidarity,” predictably highlighted contempt for “patriarchal religions” and pushed support for abortion rights and euthanasia. A video of their dialogue indicates that Steinem and Hooks barely touched on the subject of domestic violence but focused instead on “reproductive rights” and societal ills caused by the patriarchy.

Thomas Kunkel, president of St. Norbert College, opened the event, welcoming the more than 800 participants who reportedly attended.

“As the face of the women’s movement… Gloria Steinem leaves us in awe,” said Dr. Karlyn Crowley, professor of English, as she introduced Steinem.

Hooks is frequently hosted as a teacher-in-residence at St. Norbert College. Last year, the College even presented the “year of bell hooks” which featured “programs that celebrate bell hooks, the prolific scholar, social justice advocate, feminist and canonical writer.” In her book Feminism is For Everybody, Hooks claimed that “one cannot be anti-abortion and an advocate of feminism.” She also declared that “without the right to safe, inexpensive, and free abortions [women] lose all control over their bodies.”

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From "St. Norbert College and the Catholic vision of life" by Bishop David Ricken, The Compass News, Inc. 1/8/15

Several months ago, I received many letters, emails, calls and complaints about St. Norbert College’s invitation to Gloria Steinem to give a presentation on their campus. . . .

. . . I find the invitation of Steinem to be quite mystifying. . . . It would be so refreshing if we heard the leadership and faculty use these new voices to help our young people live a life of integrity and holiness and to truly embrace life and peace for the most innocent of all.

Catholic vision and teaching are truly liberating if they are integrated into the life of a college campus. How refreshing it would be if St. Norbert College were to decide to be a vibrant Catholic College that embraces the church and her teaching in its entirety, not just the social justice teachings (which SNC does so well), but also the doctrinal and moral teaching of the Gospel and the church. Rather than excusing it by finding ways to reason around it or to argue against it, why not embrace it with a real and comprehensive intentionality?

The invitation of Ms. Steinem gives the impression that the college may be merely giving lip service to the fundamental value of every human life instead of embracing the “Gospel of Life” with a clear intentionality.

Long live the “Gospel of Life” and those who defend it unapologetically!

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