Wednesday, April 22, 2015

Lesbian Seminar Teaching Kids How to be Homosexual

Pam Strong, a lesbian elementary school teacher, just completed a workshop to train public school teachers regarding encouraging children to accept homosexual relationships using the “power of conversation.”
“With [the principal’s] encouragement, we decided that I would go from class to class and talk about what ‘gay’ means . . . I started in kindergarten. What a great place to start.”
-- Pam Strong, Ontario public school teacher
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-- From "Lesbian teaches being 'gay' in classroom" posted at World Net Daily 4/21/15

“Difficult conversations are a part of what we do as teachers, right? And when these conversations are properly supported by teachers within the safety of the classroom, they provide a rich environment for our students as they unpack these complex social issues and they reflect on their own preconceptions, rights, of gender, sexuality, love, all these difference things,” [Pam Strong] said.

“I use current events, news articles, advertisement are great for gender, especially with kindergarten kids, pink and girl toys and all the rest of it. Commercials are great, I use one right now, the Honey Maid commercial,” she said.

She said she convinces children that homosexual duos are identical to a man-and-woman couple, LifeSite reported.

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From "Lesbian teacher: How I convince kids to accept gay ‘marriage’, starting at 4-years-old" by Pete Baklinski, 4/20/15

The conference, hosted by the homosexual activist organization Jer’s Vision, now called the Canadian Centre for Gender and Sexual Diversity, focused on the implementation of Bill 13 in Ontario classrooms. Bill 13, called by critics the ‘homosexual bill of rights,’ passed in June 2012 and gave students the right to form pro-gay clubs in their school, including Catholic ones, using the name Gay-Straight Alliance (GSA).

Strong related an incident that happened last fall involving a new boy who had recently entered her grade 5 classroom. The new boy had not yet been made aware of Strong’s sexual preference for other women. . . . The new boy put his hands over his mouth and said, according to Strong: “Oh, my God, I think I’m going to puke.”

Strong told her workshop attendees that her “new little friend” is now a devoted champion of diversity. . . .

Strong called it “key” to develop a “positive classroom culture” — and she mentioned it often takes months — before getting into what she called “difficult conversations” with students about convincing students of the normality of her sexual preference for women.

. . . she convinces the kids that a gay-partnership is identical to a family made up of a male and female. Strong called it a “fantastic lesson for kids of all ages.”

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