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Doctors: Abortion Causes Breast Cancer—Media Silent

As liberal media continue to tout abortion industry claims to the contrary, the American College of Pediatricians is repeating its conclusive warning of the causal link of abortion to breast cancer, especially for adolescents. A 2013 study by Dr. Rebecca Johnson, Seattle Children’s Hospital cancer specialist, demonstrates “an increasing risk of breast cancer with each subsequent abortion,” but finds no evidence of increased breast cancer risk from miscarriage.

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-- From "Induced abortion linked to breast cancer risk" posted at 4/19/15

The [pediatricians group's] press release claims that "the medical community has been reluctant to acknowledge the link, induced abortion prior to a full term delivery, and prior to 32 weeks of gestation, increases the likelihood that a woman will develop breast cancer."

A study led by Dr. Johnson and her colleagues and published in Feb 2013 shows that incidence of metastatic breast cancer in young women aged 25 to 39 years has been increased in the U.S., according to the release.  Studies in China, India and Romania show that abortion is associated with risk of breast cancer in a “dose” responsive manner.

In the United States, about one third of pregnancies are terminated or aborted.

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From "Know Your ABCs: The Abortion Breast Cancer Link" Press Release by The American College of Pediatricians 4/7/15

In February 2013, Dr. Johnson and her colleagues made national news when they reported an increased incidence of metastatic breast cancer in young women in the U.S. aged 25 – 39 years.  Other epidemiological studies from China, India, and Romania demonstrate an increasing incidence of breast cancer as abortions increased – with a “dose effect” showing an increasing risk of breast cancer with each subsequent abortion. President Den Trumbull states, “When one considers the normal anatomy and physiology of the breast it becomes clear that this link is causal not merely correlational.”

The College looks to the day when the lives and health of all children from conception to natural death will be respected and protected. In the mean time, the College urges all health care providers to educate women on the risks associated with induced abortion, including the increased risk of breast cancer.

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From "Abortion and the Risk of Breast Cancer: Information for the Adolescent Woman and Her Parents" by American College of Pediatricians – December 2013

Induced abortion (IA) prior to 32 weeks gestation appears to increase a woman’s risk of developing breast cancer. This association is largely ignored by the mainstream medical community, not included in sex education programs, and even disputed by some. For example, the Guttmacher Institute claims, “Exhaustive reviews by panels convened by the U.S. and British governments have concluded that there is no association between abortion and breast cancer. There is also no indication that abortion is a risk factor for other cancers.” However, as documented by the Breast Cancer Prevention Institute, the vast majority of studies (57 of 73 worldwide) do show a strong association between IA and an increased risk of breast cancer. This discrepancy exists for many reasons, including bias in the selection of articles chosen for “exhaustive review,” as well as flaws in methodology (e.g. including spontaneous abortions along with IAs) of some studies that discount the association. As with any medical treatment or recommendation, a lack of 100 percent certainty and the need for constant re-evaluation is not a legitimate rationale for withholding potentially life-threatening information concerning an elective procedure.

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From "Abortion and Breast Cancer: The Stubborn Link Returns" by Joel Brind, National Review 3/10/15

Prominent abortion practitioner and promoter David Grimes bemoans that bumper stickers still warn that abortion increases the risk of breast cancer, even though, he asserts, that “theory . . . was debunked long ago.” So begins Grimes’s recent piece on the Huffington Post’s blog Healthy Living. “Long ago” was, though Grimes doesn’t say so, 1997 to 2008, when there flowed a stream of “debunking” publications — largely studies that were methodologically flawed — reporting that no abortion–breast cancer (ABC) link existed. They were effective in fading the ABC link from public consciousness. But now the ABC link has returned, stubbornly, provoking renewed efforts to debunk it.

Being real, the ABC link is showing up, conspicuously, as millions of women worldwide who have had abortions over the past several decades are coming down with breast cancer at alarmingly increased rates. Dozens of papers are being published that show the trend. Grimes does not acknowledge the recent studies, however, relying rather on the discredited arguments of “long ago” — and some clever sleight of hand — in his shoddy attempt to disprove the link.

. . . Contrary to Grimes’s claim that the ABC link was long ago “debunked,” the epidemiological evidence has grown tremendously stronger. The inference of a causal association between abortion and breast cancer has become all the more compelling, with our advancing knowledge of the hormonal changes during pregnancy and of how such changes during interrupted pregnancies dovetail with the susceptibility of cells in the breast to become cancerous.

But Grimes makes mention of no data from this century at all, only of data from “long ago.”

With over a billion women in China and India alone, a very conservative prediction would be that in the coming decades, millions there will die of breast cancer that can be attributed to abortion. No wonder Grimes is not interested in the recent data: It’s devastating to his “safe abortion” agenda.

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From "The breast cancer epidemic: 10 facts" by A. Patrick Schneider II, Christine M. Zainer, Christopher Kevin Kubat, Nancy K. Mullen and Amberly K. Windisch, published in The Linacre Quarterly 81 (3) 2014, 244–277

Affecting one in eight U.S. women, breast cancer is a modern American epidemic. This review contains 10 facts that summarize the emerging epidemiology of this tragic development. . . . The incidence of breast cancer has risen dramatically during the last four decades. Moreover, a growing international acceptance of Western style sexual and reproductive practices has been associated with an increase in worldwide breast cancer rates. A number of breast cancer risk factors that are potentially preventable are now established. An early epidemiological insight was that a delay (or avoidance) of childbearing raises the risk of breast cancer. Similarly, a reduced duration (or avoidance) of breastfeeding, is a loss of a natural breast cancer preventive. A greater understanding of the cancer-protective physiological mechanisms that occur during the first full-term pregnancy (FFTP) has resulted in an enhanced understanding of the breast cancer “susceptibility window” that occurs between puberty and the FFTP.

. . . Many reports from the United States and other Western countries have also linked induced abortion (IA) to breast cancer (the abortion–breast cancer (ABC) link). Recently, there has been a surge in the number of reports from multiple, non-Western nations, associating abortion with breast cancer. Consequently, there is now sufficient evidence to conclude that IA is causally linked to breast cancer.

There is also evidence of a compounding of breast cancer risk factors in girls and young women. Recent epidemiological research found a large increase in this malignancy in young women that is metastatic (to bone, brain, and lungs) at the time of diagnosis. This ominous development has “no recommended screening practice” and a dismal prognosis. This sobering trend mandates the need for disclosure of breast cancer risk factors. A medical, legal, and ethical duty for full and accurate informed consent exists for all females. This is especially imperative for a girl (with her parent or guardian), or a young woman, who is considering the choice of an oral contraceptive (OC), including so-called “emergency contraception (EC),” IA (or both) during her “susceptibility window.”

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