Thursday, April 23, 2015

Mich. Christian Business Trashed by Homosexualists

After Brian Klawiter, owner of Dieseltec in Grandville, Michigan posted on Facebook that he wouldn't tolerate overt homosexuality in his diesel repair shop, his building and vehicles were vandalized and the city cited his business for non-compliance.
"Well, folks, as we predicted, it didn't take long for the ugly face of the homosexual movement to present itself. What started out with 'mere' death threats against myself and my family and homosexuals spamming my Facebook page with gay porn shots, has escalated to physical violence. See the pics below. We called police to file a report this morning, and City of Grandville Officer John Davis responded.The officer arrived, looked around, took a few notes, chuckled, and said 'turn it in to the insurance company.' He gave us a Police Report number 15-2779, but did not take the rock which has a fingerprint on it.The homosexual agenda is evil, and is prepared to destroy anyone who gets in its way, or who calls homosexuality a sin. Today it's us; tomorrow, it could be you."
-- Brian Klawiter, Christian citizen
UPDATE 8/22/15: Christians Persecuted by Homosexualists Testify at Iowa Rally Hosted by Sen. Ted Cruz

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-- From "Anti-gay Mich. business targeted by vandals" by Christopher Zoladz, WZZM-TV13 (Grand Rapids, MI) 4/22/15

"We're not intimidated by it," said Klawiter on Tuesday. "I think it's childish behavior. I think for a community of people that want to display tolerance, I don't think that's the right way to do it."

In an interview, Klawiter said, "I feel anti-gay is what lead every to all of this hate. And make no mistake, this is no back-pedal.

"What this is, is a Christian business owner standing on principles. Nothing has changed from my original statement. I still won't tolerate certain behavior in my shop. And that's never going to change."

Klawiter said he feels he should be able to run his automotive diesel engine repair shop how he'd like to, and that includes running it under his religious beliefs.

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From "Owner of vandalized anti-gay auto shop: 'Homosexual agenda is evil'" by John Agar, The Grand Rapids Press 4/21/15

"No, I'm not going to inquire into every secret, personal sin of all my customers. The Lord knows I have many of my own sins, and that he has forgiven me much," owner Brian Klawiter wrote on a new post on Dieseltec's Facebook page.

"What I meant by my original statement, was that I am drawing a line in the sand: where someone is engaging in overt displays of homosexual behavior, I don't have to tolerate it in my place of business, just like I don't have to tolerate overt displays of immoral heterosexual behavior in my shop (hypothetically speaking)."

"I mentioned it in my post because I am tired of the constant media drumbeat in favor of it. For my own sake, the level of reaction certainly has been unpleasant. No one likes gay porn, death threats, and vile speech directed their way. But for the country, it is hopefully an eye-opener. This is the 'tolerance' of a homosexual community on display, and it will only get worse as they feel emboldened."

"So while I won't allow any immoral behavior in my shop, I have clarified my previous statement: sinners - homosexual or heterosexual - are welcome in my shop, but if I can see by their behavior on my premises what their personal shortcoming is, I reserve the right to point it out to them (in a loving way, of course) and point them to the One who can take them and change them into who they were designed by Him to be."

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From "Michigan shop that refuses ‘openly gay’ customers vandalized" by Leon Hendrix, WISH-TV8 & WOOD-TV8 (Grand Rapids, MI) 4/21/15

[In an interview with a TV reporter,] Klawiter also played a [phone] message that he says is one of many threats he has received against his life.

“You will be killed,” the voice on the message said before the call ended.

Klawiter says he feels that some of those who say his views are intolerant have shown that they won’t show tolerance for his beliefs and convictions.

“I would love to sit down and have coffee with anyone and discuss the Gospel and what I believe and I would also lend an ear to their opinion. But I certainly wouldn’t vandalize their shop or attempt to put them out of business just because they had a viewpoint,” Klawiter said. “I think that’s the most ridiculous of this whole situation.”

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From "Dieseltec seeks Grandville busines license, with caveat, after anti-gay stance brings attention" by Matt Vande Bunte, The Grand Rapids Press 4/20/15

[After ignoring the issue for months,] City Clerk Mary Meines said the city sent Dieseltec another notice last week, after Klawiter posted to the business' Facebook page that he would not serve openly gay customers. The latest notice gave the business until May 15 to get a city license, she said.

Brian Klawiter, owner of the auto shop, submitted forms Monday, April 20, to come into compliance with local licensing rules. Following a pre-printed statement on the application form about agreeing to conduct business in compliance with city ordinances, Klawiter added this handwritten addendum:
"With the exception of Sec. 12-14 due to its wording. An inspection of my business can be achieved with a warrant in accordance with constitutional law."
The ordinance section states that the city has "authority to enter (licensed businesses), with or without search warrant, at all reasonable times."

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