Monday, January 19, 2015

Miss. School Attacked for Countering 'Gay Clubs'

In an attempt to preempt Gay Agenda infiltration, the Rankin County, Mississippi school board has adopted a policy requiring parental consent for students to join any school club.  When asked about a parent providing such consent for a "gay club," the school's lawyer responded that clubs advancing sexual deviancy might be forbidden on the basis of educational standards and principles requiring abstinence-only sex ed.

The Human Rights Campaign (HRC), America's most-acclaimed homosexualist organization, is demanding "the board, reverse its decision to publicly humiliate, degrade and embarrass young LGBT people."

For background, read about the indictment of the HRC founder on two counts of felony sodomy of a young boy as well as sexual abuse.

UPDATE 4/15/16: Tennessee School Defies Gay Agenda Intimidation Tactic

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-- From "Gay club prompts change in Rankin school policy" by Kate Royals, The Clarion-Ledger (posted at Rankin Ledger) 1/14/15

"There has been a group wanting to form a gay club. I talked to (board attorney) Freddie and several administrators about what we could legally do to limit organizations like that on campus that we don't want to endorse and don't want," [Superintendent Lynn] Weathersby said.

Newly appointed board member Ira Singleton questioned what would happen if parents did give consent for children to join such a club, to which [attorney Fred] Harrell responded at that point principals would decide whether the club violates existing policy.

School board member Debbie Tolleson questioned what the point of a gay club would be.

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From "Rankin school officials want no talk about sexuality in school" by Jennifer Ortega, WAPT-TV16 (Jackson, MS) 1/15/15

The school district released a statement Wednesday saying that officials do not promote the discussion of sexuality by students at school. It's a matter parents need to discuss with kids at home in private.

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From "Proposed LGBT club prompts new Rankin school policy" by Kate Royals, The Clarion-Ledger 1/15/15

Although school board members and officials said they were not aware of any attempt to form a club in the district, Brandon High School theatre teacher Janice Weaver said she was approached by a student in December who expressed a desire to create a gay-straight alliance (GSA), or a student-led, student-organized club aimed at combating anti-gay discrimination and bullying in schools. Weaver said the student submitted the proposal for the club to school administrators.

Currently, students at several schools in the state, including Ridgeland High School in Madison County, have created such clubs or are working to form them.

Weaver, who agreed to be the sponsor for the club, emphasized she had no knowledge whether district officials and school board members were aware of the student's proposal.

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From "Protest planned against Rankin schools' stance on LGBT club" by Kate Royals, The Clarion-Ledger 1/16/15

. . . Brandon [Mississippi] parent Shannon Miller decided to express her opposition to the [board decision].

"They (students) already have Jesus and Java club and others, so they should be able to have a GSA," she said. "It would be a great education for those kids who have never been around a gay person on in their life. It would be a great education that Dr. Weathersby is really thwarting."

Rankin County School District spokeswoman Robin Haney issued a statement Thursday saying the district plans to stand by the policy and that it will "be applied equally to all clubs and students."

Miller said as of now, about 10 to 15 people have committed to Tuesday's protest.

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From "Students push back against school board's gay attitudes" by Kate Royals, The Clarion-Ledger (posted at USA TODAY) 1/16/15

. . . Senior Lucas Bonham, who identifies as transgender, said he wishes a gay-straight alliance had formed earlier at the school when he came out.

"There's been times I didn't have anyone, and my family was bad with it at first," he said. "But students need this because it's a struggle trying to discover who you are and to think you're completely abnormal."

Robin Haney, Rankin County School District spokeswoman, said the school system has been advised to make no comment until it has reviewed and responded to the [Gay Agenda] letter from the ACLU. The district has eight high schools and about 19,500 students total; Brandon High, about 12 miles east of Jackson, Miss., has almost 1,500 students.

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From "Mississippi School Board Fights To Block Gay-Straight Alliance From Forming" by Maxwell Tani, The Huffington Post 1/15/15

"I was greatly disturbed when I heard what was said by the superintendent and his board attorney, because he should know better," American Civil Liberties Union Legal Director Charles Irvin told WAPT. "What I want to see changed is that you not try to hide behind abstinence only to say that is the rationale for keeping students from being able to assemble."

Mississippi is one of nine states with restrictive laws that maintain strict goals for teaching students about sexuality and essentially bar teachers from educating students about LGBT issues [for example: Tennessee].

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